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From Behind the Teacher’s Desk

I’ve always been fascinated with children’s books.  It began in Ottawa, Illinois, where I often visited the historical Reddick’s Library children’s area, where the librarian barred me from taking out another Dr. Seuss book.  Apparently, Dr. Seuss was all I read.  My little first-grade broken heart could not comprehend why I would be discouraged from reading the Seuss books again.  The librarian’s action fed my love for more children’s books.

All of us have favorite books that were introduced to us from the teacher behind the desk.  The teacher’s selected book reaches out to the precious little faces being read to and grabs the student’s imagination’s igniting the love affair of reading.  However, the teacher behind the desk has reading goals for their students.  An educator is helping the student understand the relationship between events and concepts, helping them to recognize an author’s point of view, theme, character, and helping them to understand what significance the setting has upon the story.  (You remember all this, right?)  From behind the teacher’s desk, there’s a lot on the line to achieve reading goals.

One such retired educator, Michelle Soland, lent me her books that she used in the classroom.  These are remarkable “storied” historical picture books student’s where a life lesson is taught.  Ms. Soland also believed by reading to students could possibly develop empathy for the characters. From behind the teacher’s desk an educator helps students to understand empathy which leads to a circle of concern in one’s classroom, grade level, school, district, or community. 

As an adult reader, I look to be emotionally drawn to the characters in the book. As a grandmother, I’m always looking for books for my grandson.  I have my favorites but as he gets older, I’m a little lost on reading material that may turn into his favorite books. 

If you’re looking to put a spark in your student’s eye, Ms. Soland assures me that the following books are excellent for 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students. Many of the books have a WWII historical background. There’s a favorite author among all these books that Ms. Soland seems to enjoy.

The link to the book follows the photos. I’ll be providing more book favorites in this age range later on.

Benno and the Night of Broken Glass, by Meg Wiviott

My Great-Aunt Arizona, by Gloria Houston

Miss Rumphius, by Barbara Cooney

Uncle Vova’s Tree, by Patricia Polacco

Thank You, Mr. Falker

The Harmonica, by Tony Johnston

Babushka’s Doll, Patricia Polacco

Star of Fear, Star of Hope, by Jo Hoestlandt

The Whispering Town, by Jennifer Elvgren

The Butterfly, by Patricia Polacco

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