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Resolutions for Quilters

Inspire LogoLast year I posted this Resolution for Quilters on my FB page and many of my friends found it useful or inspiring to get into the sewing space to bring order to the chaos. You can find the article here – however I could not find an email for Steffani McChesney nor does the link work for the original article, written in 2009.  So Stef, you’ve inspired lots of quilters over the years.  Many thanks.

PS: Pinterest has a plethora of sweet sewing spaces to inspire you. Sweet.

New Year’s Resolutions for Quilters Written by Steffani McChesney

It’s that time of year again. Time to sit down with paper and pencil in hand to make a list of all the things you want to accomplish in the New Year. Don’t worry about losing weight or trying to get along better with your mother-in-law. I’m here to make some suggestions to make your list doable. (Is that a word? Must be. The Spellchecker didn’t have a fit.) Since I don’t like to make my life any harder than necessary, I’m sure that you will like my New Year’s Resolutions. They are especially for quilters.

First Resolution: Make the sewing room usable. Clean up the chaos caused by the frenzy you were in to finish all those quilts and wall hangings you had to get done by Christmas. Put everything back where it belongs and organize any new stuff you have added to your stash or collection of tools and books.

Second Resolution: Organize your stash. Sort all the fat quarters and larger pieces of fabric into logical stacks. Purge the collection. Donate fabrics that you will not use to the Isolette or Painted Turtle programs (or any other charitable programs that use fabric) or use them to make quilts for both programs. (Or, just bring them to the next meeting for the Vulture Table. CT)

Third Resolution: Inventory your UFOs. This is a hard one because it brings up quilt guilt, an emotion I would rather never face. Quilt guilt is also caused by your husband or kids walking into your sewing room, looking at a project you put away to work on the latest stack of fabric you just got at the quilt store and saying, “Aren’t you going to finish this one before you start on another one?” Anyway, once you get around that you can prioritize your projects and decide if you really want to finish them all. The ones that you have lost interest in can be donated to schools, nursing homes, homeless shelters, or other places that could use them. Sometimes the guild has use for them. Or maybe a friend might like to finish one for him or herself. Don’t be shy ask around.

Fourth Resolution: Make an effort to challenge yourself in the New Year. Take a class to learn a new technique. Try new tools. Make a quilt outside of your color or style comfort zone. Participate in a challenge program in the guild or a national one such as the Hoffman Challenge.

Fifth Resolution: Participate in the guild. Your membership experience will mean so much more than just being a passive member. And you will meet the most interesting people in the guild because they are the ones who participate.

Sixth Resolution: Try to go to as many quilt shows, retreats, and workshops as you can. It will broaden your horizons. And be sure to show your work at the guild show and tell or in the biannual quilt show. This is not a contest. It is sharing your work and vision with everyone else.

Seventh and last Resolution: This is the hardest one and the best one. Know in your heart why you spend hours and money making quilts. There are many reasons. You quilt for artistic expression, to show love for your family and friends, for relaxation, for social interaction, for self-healing and meditation. The list is endless but all reasons are valid and meaningful. Know that the quilts you make so lovingly and give away to your friends and family or to complete strangers are a gift to your own mental health and well being and to the world. The quilts we make will be around a lot longer than we are so love the process and quilt with a happy heart.

See? That wasn’t so hard. Now we can all look forward to accomplishing our New Year’s Resolutions for a change.

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