Miss Mary

Be Grateful

It’s a certain moment in your life that an answer comes to you in the most difficult of times, the ones in which you turn your prayers and being over to God.  I have never been denied an answer from God in those moments.  It’s as if you’ve been touched by the Spirit, a hand pressed to the heart leaving wisdom.

I always thought I was grateful but it certainly is obvious to me that I am not.  The answer to my moment of turning everything over to God was, “Be grateful in all that you do.”

This past year I would say to myself, “Just be grateful”, when people were cruel, or when work was overtly challenging, or things didn’t go the way I wanted them to.  What I didn’t do often, was BE GRATEFUL when kindness was present, or extraordinary people came my way, or the sun shone for 50 minutes.

This year the challenge is to BE GRATEFUL for all things.

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