Miss Mary

Inspire Me to be Creative

2016 MM star6I’m asked to make a Miss Mary shopper/tote often.  I only do it for people who serve the greater good, I’m fussy like that.   One of my very good friends from PTO days asked me to help her with an auction piece for her old high school scholarship fund and I said “sure”.  That’s my go to answer.  Don’t be offended if I return your text with “sure”.  It’s the automatic response of I’m trying to envision what I
have in my stash for the right combination for a Miss Mary to attract your guests “sure”.

Creativeness is the soul of life.  It awakens a part of you that was sleeping for ages and just wants to escape in great quantities because now you’ve unleashed it.  Creativeness needs inspiration.

I don’t know the people that attend this event but I had a style in mind, the Star Tote.  However, my stash of fabric wasn’t speaking to me. 2016 MM star8  The one store that carries a lot of canvas fabric is Joann Fabrics.  Totes and shoppers have to be strong.  Canvas is a looser heavy weave of fabric, so you have to be strategic in picking out one that won’t ravel away.

2016 MM starYou can see that there’s plenty to choose from in that fabric isle.  It can be overwhelming.  I usually HAVE to go alone to pick it out.   My idea was to look for fabrics that were Spring inspiring.  I needed a print and solid.  This was not going to be the Uber Miss Mary which means, only two fabrics instead of three or four.

2016 MM star3I came across this fabric which said something about what the mission of the auction was truly about.  We see “Live. Love. Laugh.” often in inspirational signs, so I thought this could be it.   The colors were Spring perfect.  Ok, on to the solid.  The solids were few but the green was perfect.
2016 MM star7This style will end up being a pattern.  Creating this tote took planning of how much fabric, the measurements of cutting, the design of the handles, pockets, and bottom.  Plus, applying the star.  Lots of cutting, artwork, …. you get it.

2016 MM star2Well, two weeks later, voila.  So cute.  I’ll be making another one for the Bloomin Bunco coming up next month sometime.  You’ll be able to purchase a raffle ticket for Star.



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