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Meal Prep Mondays, Choosing Sites that can Inspire You to Succeed

2016 Pinterest Meal Prep photoFor some, a fitness center is a bee hive of determination, and for others a battleground of the bulge.  The latter is me, because we all know from last week, abs are made in the kitchen.  The one thing we all dream of is someone just coming into our homes to do our meal prep for us.  It’s a fantasy, beautiful healthy meals available in the fridge – tasty, pretty, and palatable while filling you up and slimming you down.

Nirvana, is it not?  Truth be told, I just want them to make the meal plan for me, and I’ll do the rest.

Typically, meal prep is done on Sunday.  In my life that works, but in others it could be Monday or Wednesday.  Lately there have been a number of social media postings of food prep ideas.  That’s the key, ideas to help us build our lunches or dinners.

The Social Media sites that I’m highlighting here may help you to be inspired to create a meal prep environment for yourself.  I have also listed several helpful sites at the end of this post.  You’ll be amazed at the depth of options.  They may become your favorites.

2016 Mealprep logoMeal Prep Society:  One of the better sites is Meal Prep Society.  Their Instagram page is fantabulous.  MPS is “an all-encompassing platform that aims to unite and support the global mal prep movement by curating healthy recipes, helpful information and inspirational stories from the community.”  They solicit photos from followers, collect recipes, and offer guidance.  Totally free.  They’re also on Face Book.

2016 Beachbody logoBeachbody:
  Beachbody, a worldwide organization started by Les Mills, offers a site on nutrition with meal ideas and recipes.  In fact their Social Media Manager, Amanda Meixner, preps meals and shares them on her Instagram account using the 21 Day measuring tubs.  Amanda has a blog where she offers up ideas of Meal Prep too.  [Pretty amazing stuff].   There is also a very interesting article on 12 months to a healthier life that you should check out.

2016 skinnytaste logoSkinny Taste:  One of the most prolific sites for ideas is Skinny Taste.  The Social Media outlets for them are numerous.  I do follow them on Face Book and on their website.  They started a weekly meal planner and they’re on week 19 right now.

2016 hellohealthy logohellohealthy
Is one of my favorite sites.  It’s sponsored by which, if you haven’t used it yet, get on board.  Trainers all suggest you use this APP to w
rite down all your food intake, water, and exercise to help you stay on track and accountable.  It can be used on all social media platforms and on your desktop – my fav.  Ok, commercial over.

Hello Healthy has a Beginners Guide to Meal Planning on their blog.  It provides you with getting your head wrapped around the idea of how to plan.  They have a list of favorite websites for healthy recipes but it needs to be updated.  Their Pinterest Board is awesome for LOTS of things.

By no means is this list complete.  There are plenty of others.  These are my go to’s.

Meal Prep Ideas:


Face Book

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