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Learning to Cook, Essential Small Appliances – Coffeemakers

Oh boy!, electronics in the kitchen.  You should see me at Williams-Sonoma or Sur Le Table, I look like a deer in the headlights.  THERE. ARE. SO. MANY!!!!!  The desire to own them is to only learn how to use them and then give it back.  So maybe a lending closet?  Is that weird?  I think it’s just curious.  But really, how do you use an espresso maker, Keurig, bread maker, ricemaker, or waffle maker.  Being a tactile person, I want to experience the process rather than youtuben it.

With the size of electronics, ALWAYS REMEMBER, keep those things you use most close to you, and store those things that you use less often up high, or in other storage areas.  There just isn’t the room in my cupboards to hold all the FABULOUS Chef’s Toys.

2016 LTC coffeeLet’s start off with Coffee Makers.

If you’re a coffee person, you’ll want a SHUT OFF coffee maker – especially if you work.  We, hubby and I, just went through the process of selecting a coffeemaker last year.  I did the research, went to all the stores, and put in about 30 hours researching an affordable (<$100) shut off coffeemaker.   BUT, we couldn’t do the tactile experience because there is no place that allows you to physically make coffee.  We went with a top rated coffee maker.  Pfft, I gave it to my son because there was just too much to it, the little window showing information wasn’t backlit and it always shut off when we still wanted it on.  I was so frustrated one day I went out and picked up a BUNN.  So talk to  your friends, do your homework, go on experience, set a budget, and see if you can play with one or more.

I’m going to list a few sites that did taste tests and performance tests on coffeemakers so you can make an informed choice.

The Sweet Home Coffee Maker Test:  They performed a two year test on 12 different coffee makers.  The Resources at the bottom are very informative such as the Cooks Illustrated site.  The makers they’ve chosen are expensive.

Good Housekeeping Research Institute: Reviewed 21 coffee makers and the ratings are customer rated.  The review was completed in 2014.  I have to believe newer updated makers have been created.  They do have their top 4 picks here.

Coffee Maker Picks:  I like this site because of the information it gives you.  I’d go with this site for sure.  You’ll see Pros and Cons that may fit in your list when looking for a coffeemaker.

Amazon and economical coffee makers:  Amazon has a customer best sellers rated page of all types of coffeemakers.  This is really helpful when you’re looking to not have to purchase a $200 coffeemaker.  Plus you can pick them up in almost every big box store.

Consumers Report:  This is for those that have a subscription to Consumers Report.

French Press:  For inquisitive minds on French Press CoffeeMakerPics.com tells you exactly how to make it.  It requires a very different type of process.

Cold Brew:  I can’t forget COLD BREW coffee.  Good friends of ours are big fans of Cold Brew.  According to them Toddy carries the best process equipment.

UPDATE:  Hipster Coffee using a retro pour-over vessel Chemex Coffee Maker.  I never knew.  President Obama brought the technique – or the desire to have it – to the White House.  Looks like the original single serve.

So here’s a few ideas too, check out your friends coffee makers.  Listen to them, see how long it takes to brew, does it taste good.  Check out restaurants and see what brand machines they use.  They may have a smaller home use one on the market.  BUNN comes to mind.

Good Luck.


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