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Learning to Cook, Happy Valentine’s Day – First Giveaway

2016 SweetnessA few years back, January of 2011, I had a subscription to Traditional Home.  It’s a fantasyland of gorgeous homes with luscious decadent recipes.  Right around Valentine’s Day the issue came out with desserts for two featuring several small cakes by pastry chef Sarah Levy from Chicago.  It certainly was a unique way of creating dessert for a special day.  I made two of them and they were delicious.

Sarah had a bakery in my daughter’s neighborhood in the Gold Coast in Chicago.  I just had to visit the bakery.  I. Had. To.  You know how you get something in your head, like wanting to go to an Adele concert, but you can’t because the damn ticket mongers grab all the tickets, but you still want to go.  Well, I had to go see Sara’s shop.

I found an excuse to go shopping with my daughter and we found the bakery.  It was at the end of the day so any baking of any kind was certainly done for the day.  It was tiny and long.  But sadly, Sarah was not there.  So I bought her Sweetness cookbook.
It’s barely even touched.  It has specialty desserts in the book that you would really enjoy.

imageThe cake on the right is her Chocolate Cake with Milk Chocolate filling.  I used her BUTTER CREAM frosting.

This is how this will work, fill in your name and your email, make mention in a comment below your favorite recipe.  I’ll print all the comments and pull the lucky winner by next Friday, February 17.  So start your cookbook collection today.  Tell your friends.

So Happy Valentine’s Day!

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