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Spring is in the Fabric

Fabric can be beautiful.  Just like art work, fabric can emote a sympathetic aesthetic response to the onlooker.  I get that feeling every time I enter a quilt store, so many fabrics, so many creative opportunities to make beautiful things.

Quilting helps me indulge in a passionate fantasy.  All the quilt tops to enjoy.  But there’s a problem.  The hard part of entering into the fabric candy store is my inability to pick colors.  I have no color sense for a large project.  I’m a mannequin buyer – I see what I need in a photo and look for it.  When I can’t find it I become very disheartened and can’t make up my mind to switch.  But, I have friends that come to the rescue.

I have a few projects that I need material for because my stash will not fit my vision.  I walked into Material Girl and Spring just came in a full bloom.  The colors were so vibrant, my brain stopped working.  I couldn’t pick out anything.  Not one gorgeous yard.

imageI gave up.  But my friends did not.  Within 15 minutes they had all 8 yards picked out.  I was so relieved.

Robert Kaufman Fabric is one manufacturer that I lean toward.  They have a basket full of designers that are contemporary by nature.  Their blog features many of the designers along with projects that you can admire.  The fabric will be found in all quilt shops.

I’ll be a little busy.  PS, the pattern you see on the left in the photo is FREE at Cloud 9 fabrics.  You’re welcome: Ribbon Box Quilt.  It’s adorable.  Cloud 9 Fabrics can be found at Joann Fabrics in the quilting sections.  They’re organic cottons.  A little pricey – $14.00/yd.  Gorgeous.

You have to agree, they are gorgeous.  I can begin my next project with these beauties.  Ahh Spring.

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