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Food Fest: Chili Verde Chicken Casserole

2016 Recipe Chili chicken 1Once a year at work we have Inventory.  I brought Chili Verde Chicken Casserole for our potluck lunch.  There were SO many things to choose from.  God love the person that brought fresh veggies and fruit!

This casserole is the easiest ever to prepare, you just have to have all the goodies in the house.

2016 Recipe Chili Verde Chicken Casserole 2A Rotisserie Chicken is center stage in this dish.  I usually pick one up at Costco for a couple reasons:  first, it’s seasoned properly – not too overly salty,  and second, it’s a fairly large bird – approximately a 3 pound chicken.  I picked one up at Jewel – wow are they small – 1 lb 14 oz.  I like the larger chickens because there’s more meat left over for several other recipes or just lunch.

The very first time I made this, I used William Sonoma’s Chile Verde Starter.   [I love that store.]  The store was featuring it on one of their displays.  The recipe was on one of their cards and I believe they had made it in the store.  It was delicious.  Their recipe has you roasting chicken thighs first – I guess if you have all day, I had 2 hours.  Since then, I’ve used Herdez Verde Salsa.  That too is a good replacement.  There are two heats with Herdez, mild and medium..

Tex-Mex dishes are family favotites, but I am not an expert when it comes to content.  So I must have looked really perplexed  when I was looking for corn tortillas at the Caputos meat counter because there were SO many brands to choose from.  A gentleman informed me that if I wanted the very best corn tortillas, I should use the El Milagro Brand. I think he’s correct.

If you’re a cilantro fan, you’ll enjoy using it as a garnish.  Me not so much.  I did use a small amount for color after it was cooled.  You either love cilantro or you don’t.

With the Big Game this  weekend, this may be an all-time favorite for your guests.  It’s great for quick dinners.  Just FYI, the prep time was 30 minutes BECAUSE I had to take the chicken off the carcass.  If it had been waiting for me in the fridge, prep time would have been 15 to 20 minutes.

2016 Recipe Chili chickenA few years back my mother-in-law purchased Pyrex carriers for all the families.  The carrier is insulated with a cold/hot pack.  It has Velcro handles where I can also lock my spatula in it.  Many of you have students in sports with “pasta dinners”.  This makes taking a warm or frozen dish easy to carry.

Just FYI, Costco also sells the 3 or 4 pound package of rotisserie chicken already off the carcass.  They started selling that a few years ago.  I used it for a friend’s shower making chicken salad, chicken rice soup, and this dish.

Prep time 30 min.   Bake time 30 – 35 min

Printable Version:  2016 Chili Verde Chicken Casserole

Chili Verde Chicken Casserole

2016 Recipe Chili Verde Chicken Casserole 3Preheat your oven to 350°.   Prep your 9 x 13 bakeware with Pam.
In a prepared 9 x 13, 3 qt baking dish, spread ½ cup of the Verde sauce.

2016 Recipe Chili Verde Chicken Casserole 7To cut the tortillas:  Cut 2 in half, 1 in quarters, and 2 to cover.  Arrange the corn tortillas, filling in gaps with the quarters placed in the corners, till the surface is covered.  Layer a portion of the chicken, cheese, a sprinkle of onion, and then the Sauce.   Repeat this sequence till you have 3 layers.

2016 Recipe Chili chicken 2Bake for 30 to 35 minutes till golden.  Top with cheese and cilantro.

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