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Learning to Cook, A Well Stocked Pantry

Get the printable Pantry List 2016 LTC Well Stocked Pantry (2)

A pantry is several things.  I have several spaces in the kitchen where I keep things.  A long time ago I read an organizing article that said keep things you use most often in line of sight or close, and those things that you use at other times up high or deep under.  I’ve done well with that.  Wikipedia has many history lessons regarding a pantry, but essentially it’s where we keep often used items for meal prep, breakfast foods, canned goods, vegetable bins, or dog food [Daisy is little and doesn’t require much shelf space.]

Depending on your kitchen, YOU have to make accessibility work for you.  I have a Lazy Susan Cupboard that is my spice cupboard.  The top shelf is for spices, the bottom is for oil, vinegar, and baking items such as cocoa, baking powder, baking soda, and other such things.  My “pantry” houses  a baking shelf (unopened flour, powdered sugar, sugar cane sugar, brown sugars), pasta shelf, boxed items shelf, cereal and storage boxes, bottom holds large items, and newer items from the grocery store that are waiting to move into their spot in the kitchen after the current one is finished.
2016 TLC spices 2

What do you need to start up your kitchen and where should you pick these things up if you’re just starting.  I personally just went spice shopping and I’m not going to lie, but they are down right expensive.  You have to know your prices.  My suggestion is shop at Aldi first to find your basics.  You won’t spend $6 on garlic salt.

Here is a comparison between Aldi and Jewel.  Same type of spices, Aldi’s containers were larger (more for less) and since Jewel carries various brands of spices, I concentrated only on McCormick brand.  Now I have several McCormick brands in my pantry.  There comes a time that you don’t want to go to another store and you pick up what is available.

2016 spice comps

I’m providing a link of spices and what they can be paire2016 LTC aldi spicesd with when cooking on the McCormick site.  For any beginning cook this is really valuable.

Below is a printable PDF take-a-long to the grocery store of the essential items you’ll need in your pantry.  FYI, this by no means constitutes everything that I have, it just starts with the basics when you start to cook.  As your repertoire of recipes grows you’ll be adding to the pantry.



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