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Learning to Cook

2016 Learning to CookLearning to cook

My mother was an excellent cook.  She made everything.  It was a LUXURY for us to eat out.  Her grandmother was a restaurant owner that served railroad engineers, conductors and workers.  EVERYTHING was homemade, the pure definition of comfort food when serving the railroad workers.

My mother did teach me to cook via the phone because as a single mother she worked in another town, and I had to get the dinner moving along for our family of four kids.  I also used the Betty Crocker Cookbook to help me with recipes she wanted completed.  But learning to prep meals was NOT a concern, her concern was that the meal all get on the table at the same time.

With the advent of Food Network and the Cooking Channel our lives have changed FOREVER and for the better when it comes to time management in the kitchen.  I’m talking about preparing your ingredients so they are ready to be transformed into something delicious.

If you’re new to cooking and don’t know how to do something, don’t know the right tool to use, or just need a little help – well here we go.   So if you have questions, let’s get them answered.

Lesson 1:  “Mice en Place” Be Prepared

Lesson 2:  Where do we start?

Lesson 3:  Cook’s Prep Tools

Lesson 4: Ready for Action Utensils

Lesson 5:  The Heavy Metal of it All

Lesson 6: Bakeware Bounty

Lesson 7:  A Well Stocked Pantry

Lesson 8:  Mixing and Measuring

Lesson 9: Table Top

Lesson 10:  Meal Planning

Lesson 11:  Pan Searing

Lesson 12: Storage Options

Lesson 13:  Side Dishes Taking the Lead

Lesson 14:  Instructional Techniques Book Review

Guest Post:  Valentine’s Dinner

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