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The Final Test

My sister hosted Thanksgiving this year along with her five foreign exchange students whom are here only to learn English through Kaplan and another college.  Two were from Brazil, two were from Columbia, and one from South Korea.  Each was delightful to listen to at the dinner table.  The cultural exchange is very interesting as they discussed their experiences.  They love Chicago.

Jennifer made a wonderful dinner and the students really enjoyed all aspects of the traditions of Thanksgiving.  Then the pies and cake.  Students of all ages get really excited about sweets.

2015 moms apple and pump done 32015 pie slice 2I cut the pies that I made on Wednesday using my mother’s pie crust recipe.  The crust for the apple pie did not crumble as I cut it (whew).   The apple filling was still to the top of the top crust making it look scrumptious.  (Can you tell I haven’t had pie in QUITE some time.)  The flavor was just as I remembered it growing up.  Thank you Betty.

The pumpkin pie, it too did not crumble when I cut it.  The filling of a Pyrex 9.5” pie plate is deep.  Baking this pie took much longer than normal.  The filling was very thick and delicious.  But bad me, I didn’t want to make real whipped cream so I cheated with the “spray” kind.  The students thought the spray whipped cream was a real hoot once they figured it out.  It was a little like Silly String.

2015 pie apple cakeBut the best flavor of the dessert round was the Spiced Apple coffee Cake.  T’die for.  Even Hubs commented on how good it was.

One other delight, real Columbian coffee, right from Columbia.  Delicious.  One of the young ladies mother sent it for my sister.

Pie is a very special treat.  It makes you think of childhood summers or the holidays growing up.  I’m still on the fence about making more pies because of the process of pie crust.  The end result for recipients is fantastic, but the calorie count, well let us just say all things made for Thanksgiving or Christmas need a weeks worth of workouts to counter balance the decadence. That’ll be the struggle.


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