Miss Mary

The Trials of a Patient Seller

We’ve had our home on the market for a bit.  There’s been 37 families through and they ALL LIKE IT.    What?

After discussions with our realtor we’ve decided to take it off the market, make a few updates, and then put it back on.

Some of the changes were in three of our bathrooms.  In all three we painted the vanities, doors and trim, but in the Master we also changed the paint on the walls.  Yowser!  What a difference.  We had it professionally done by Nick Giamberduca and his swat team, and they look spectacular.

How did I find Nick?  I was at Home Depot quizzing the paint guy and Nick overheard me.  His wife and I go to the same gym.  He stopped me to say he was my friends husband and let me know that he did this kind of work to older cabinets.  After discussions with the hubs, we engaged Nick to complete the job.  He also painted all of our doors and some trim work in the house.

The real goal is to appeal to a younger buyer.  In a few weeks we’ll put it back on after we do a few more things.  In the meantime we’ll keep looking for a place to land.


Powder room before.                                                Powder room after.

2015 powder rm before2015 Powder rm after










Guest Bath before.                                        Guest Bath after.

2015 Guest before2015 Guest after









Master Bath before.                                   Master Bath after.

2015 Master before2015 Master after

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