Miss Mary

Seeing them on the other side.

2015 Bolz weddingJust take me back to them growing up.  All the fun the kids had, all the games we attended, all the pasta parties, the planning of school events, the volunteering at summer school, the send offs to college, the graduations, the jobs, the life that happens in front of our eyes leads us to joy on the other side of childhood when one of your son’s friends marries his sweetheart.  It’s a moment.   A memorable moment that we keep close to that mother library we have in our hearts.

I usually take a lot of photos at the wedding but the people in the pews ahead of me were really tall. Everything moved quickly, as weddings do, and before you knew it, it was time for the reception.  No tall people in front of me there.  The venue was beautiful.  It was on the Marion property in Aurora.  The food and the service were OUTSTANDING!

The kids had an Instagram hashtag which was a lot of fun to post to.  My son quipped that, “…several of the bridal party were following mom on Instagram.”  That’s ok.  They’ll soon not do so.

My husband and I enjoyed catching up with their jobs or additional schooling they’ve decided to embark upon.  They’re all doing well on the other side.

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