Miss Mary

Loyalty haircuts

DonandTonyTwenty-two years ago we moved to 1627.  I couldn’t find a barber that I liked for my son and husband so we kept going back to Don’s in Lake Zurich.  (Tony’s first hair cut to the left.)  At our last visit, we found out Don had passed away.  This was devastating to my son.  We let it settle in then began to search for a barber.Dudes

Sal and Tony finally settled with Joe’s barber shop in Crystal Lake and have been going together for 21 and a half years.  The boys have a “hair cut interval” standing appointment on their calendars.  There were times where they couldn’t make the interval and they would have to go, (cough), elsewhere. We call it “cheating”.

Tony’s grown up at Joe’s, they know when he went to the Presidential Classroom – hair cut required, prom, graduation from High School – hair cut required, entrance into Law School, becoming an attorney, ….  All hair cuts required.

For my son there’s a loyalty pang that tugs at him, but as his hair grows he knows there’s a time crunch and this time there will have to be an exception.  I think in all the years Sal and Tony have been visiting the barber, they’ve missed three times.  This weekend everyone ran out of time.   While Sal made it to Joe’s, my son could not, but he did find a place near him to get a hair cut for the wedding he’ll be standing up in this weekend.  We can hardly wait to attend the union of Lauren and Michael.  Michael and Tony have known each other since Junior High.

It’s the little things that keep you loyal to your barber.

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