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The Bartman Farm

  I had the privelidge to tour the Bartman Farm today, unexpectedly.  I’ve known John Bartman for about 15 years. I met him when he was a young man working to grow the Democratic Party in McHenry County.  We’ve remained friends since then.  

  On John’s FB page he let his friends know the sweet corn crop was available.  I was already in Huntley this morning and thought why not head out to Marengo. Well there he was and he invited me to take a tour of the farm in his suped up John Deere that looks unbelieveably like a small range rover.
  John’s farm has been in his family for 40 years.  They own, rent, and work 700 acres.  Holy smokes!  I had no idea.    He showed me all the crops they plant, field corn (GMO and non-GMO), winter wheat, soy beans, and sweet corn.  He showed me a plat where there was an Algonquin connection.  It was sludge that was turned into fertilizer to spread on his fields.  Reduce, reuse, recycle at it’s best.

Before I left with my car back seat filled with sweet corn, I met John’s mom, dad and aunt.  It’s a family thing.

I spent my teenage years in Yorkville when it was a farming community.  Farming has changed significantly for the better.   John and I discussed how schools should develop a program to help students understand the farming business.  It is a business that is taken for granted.  Farmers feed the world.  Crops and livestock contribute to the Gross Domestic Product – yes they do if you recall your economics class.  We need to develop among our students, at an early age, an understanding of farming and the significance to our future.   I’ve always supported schools to have a garden plot that provides a hands-on experience in planting, nuturing and reaping the rewards of gardening.  

  Anyway, the end result of my trip was to pick up sweet corn.  IT WAS DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!  Bicolor corn for dinner and it was perfect.  Thanks John for all you do.  It was a fantastic reminder of the hard work that goes into your profession.

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