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No excuses when you food prep

Don’t you get a little overwhelmed by what we’re supposed to eat?  Doesn’t it just get you frustrated that you can’t drive through and just pick up breakfast (B), lunch (L), dinner (D), or a snack (S)?  Well I know full well what you mean.  Half my problem is prepping for BLDS.  Who the heck wants to stand there for half an hour cutting up all that stuff for one salad?  Honestly, could it get anymore gruesome?

WHAT would make it easier?  Hands up – someone make it for me.  That’s the answer I hear most from folks I know.  The biggest complaint is fixing it, that is to say, slicing up all the veggies and protein.

I’ve been following two Face book pages, Eat Clean, Train Mean, and Live Green  and Eat to Perform.  They both espouse to meal prepping which means in order to make it easier on us and be successful at achieving goals, we should do meal preps ahead of time.  Having said that, it takes planning but NOT A LOT.  Once you’re in the groove, prepping becomes second nature.

Each page has a website (Eat Clean, Eat to Perform) that can explain meal planning, menus, recipes, etc. but one of them likes to show other peoples fridges with meals already prepped. I was so impressed with these fridges of normal folks I was inspired to start prepping.  Plus both my trainers Tony and Randy encouraged me to meal prep.

I’m not here to discuss clean eating but to discuss availability of food in your fridge when you need it, to save time for that decent salad at lunch that you can assemble the evening before or in the morning, hard-boiled eggs for breakfast, or being the grill master of a Costco size pack of chicken breasts so you have sliced chicken (pork tenderloin, flank steak, salmon) already prepared for easy access.

IMG_0534One of my stresses is cutting all the stuff.  Part of that is having a SHARP knife which makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE IN THE WORLD.  A few years ago I found this Wosthof knife sharpener at Williams Sonoma.  It was really inexpensive and I purchased a bunch of them to give away as gifts.  Plus, a decent knife will make it less stressful.  A paring knife just isn’t the tool.


I purchase veggies and fruits all the time.  Sometimes the lazy cook in me purchases the cut up Meijer fruit.  You can see the my stock to the right.  The chicken was grilled this past weekend.  I sliced it up when I put it away.  Sometimes at Joe Caputos they have third day veggies that are much less expensive (carrots come to mind).


Look how nice and neat all that is now.  Containers of all sizes are a must.  I use the freezer lock bags for the lettuce.


Meal prep also makes for EASY storage in your refrigerator.

IMG_0533The end game here is to make it easy to create a meal.  This didn’t even take me five minutes to put together.

So as the title says, when you can food prep there should be “no excuses” for you or the family.


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