Miss Mary

Garden Downsizing

We have our home up for sale because we certainly do not need all this room.  My gardens have become part of the marketing incentives as seen here at Lewke’s site.  I’ve really been taking in the depth and serenity of the gardens this spring.  Instead of planting, planting, planting I’ve decided to plant only the pots – because you know it’s not for me any longer.

2015 spr 1

2015 sp 2Being a gardner is very much like an artist.   You start with a blank canvas, or in this case empty pots and containers.  Add the coloring agents, or flowers from Tom’s or Home Depot.  I always stop at Tom’s because you could get lost in the gorgeous plantings or the bakery.  The Home Depot garden center offers many other types of plants to add to your garden at a lesser price.  This year I also stopped at Costco and found enormous geraniums for a GREAT price.  Of course they’re not there any longer – boo.

2015 sp3Potting plants you don’t need your entire entourage of gardening tools.  I always use leather gloves whenever working in the dirt.  In the major garden I use a garden ax which is my favorite tool.  Here we only need a trowel.

2015 sp7I started with the kitchen herb planter.  This year I removed the old coconut liner and added a new one but kept the dirt which lined the bottom of the planter.   I added more potting soil then laid out the herbs.

2015 sp9

Some of the herbs were root bound like the basil to the left here.  You just open the bottom of that root ball before you place it into the potting mix.  See the photo on the right. 2015 sp10 Add all the rest of your herbs, add more potting mix if you need to, then water.  Make sure you keep your tags so your hubby knows what he should be snipping when you ask him to bring you a sprig of Rosemary for tonights dinner.


Moving is a little cathartic as it forces you to consider what you really need.   I  de-cluttered a few of the pots.  I probably recycled 10 of them.  Nope, I will not need a gazillion pots where ever we are headed, and we don’t know the answer to that question either.

2015 sp14I do however need color in the deep shade of the gardens.  I chose white begonias and impatiens, red large begonias, lime green coleus, and a white wispy plant.  Those pots anchor the shade.  What you see at the right is one of the pots with Creeping Jenny and Bishop’s Cap on the ground.

Everything is potted, EVERYTHING.  Not spending any more on the flowers.  I’ve looked back at my garden photos, especially the ones where they were in the McHenry County garden walk.  OMG, just way too much planting but boy was it lovely.   I’ll have to get those out and post at a later time.

Take in the beauty of your gardening.  It gives you such a sense of peace along with a lot of sweat.

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