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No! Gym Intimidation is NOT OK

gym-etiquette-665x304I’ve written on this topic before but it happened again to me.  I’ve had about three hours to chill my jets and re-think the situation giving me a better frame of mind.  You have to ask the question, “WHY would someone want to impinge on your routine, question the validity of your work ethic, and question whether you know how to do a real sit up on the equipment?  You know my mind was on fire, right?

First, they don’t know my work ethic in the gym. I work at doing sets – mostly 3 sets of 15 to 20 reps that usually takes about 20 minutes. I focus on a small working area using equipment in the most immediate area so as not to infringe on another’s workout. AND I ask if it’s ok to use immediately available equipment when someone is working on a 4 part machine or in close proximity to what I’m about to do.

Second, they may be new to the gym, new to the time frame in the gym, or just a jerk. If you’re new to the gym, you have no idea who is really committed to doing their routines. You have no idea if they really know HOW to use the equipment. You may not even know that there are newer ways to attack a body group. If you’re an early person, lunch time person, after school person or evening person the vibe of the gym is TOTALLY DIFFERENT. When you are a daily regular at the gym, people know you, they respect what you’re doing, and let it be.

So lets just go over what my routine was today.

Ride the bike to warm up. 5 min.

First set, back training based on Back Training, 3 sets, x 20 all at 25/30 pounds.

Second set, rowing machine for 60 rows, squats and raises using 2- 12.5 lb hand weights, raised arms with a 15 pound kettle bell going up and down the isle. 3 sets of these. (You hold a 15 pound weight over your head walking the entire length of the gym to “Funk it up”.)

Third set, punched out arm raises using 10 lb free weights, slanted leg lifts, push ups. 3 sets, 20 each.

Ride the bike with intervals, 15 minutes.

PT exercises.

According to my Polar Watch I burned 566 calories in 1 hour and 31 minutes. NOT TOO SHABBY.

I’m not a wimp, and I know what I’m doing. In the third set is when I was questioned whether I needed the slanted bench because I wasn’t using it for a proper sit up. I told him yes I was using the bench. That condescending attitude just lit me on fire.

When I was finished, I let him know the bench was available. He was still a little put out and I couldn’t care less.

A long time ago I was told by a weight lifter to HOLD YOUR GROUND for your safety and those around you – it’s your space till you are finished.  Best advice ever. The other advice is just chill out. Think it through. If they get snarky call the management over to have a chat with the person.

In the end, it’s ok.  No one died.

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