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Totes Galore

2014 MissMary Tote9A friend asked me to make a special tote.  I had her pick out the fabric and then asked her to look at all the shoppers and totes I’ve made over the years to see what style she would prefer. We played with the fabric and then came up with the style that seemed appropriate for the young lady.  My friend also picked out the stabilizer and batting.

Fabric for shoppers can be beautiful and expensive.  Some run around $11.00/yard and depending on what I make, could be 3 yards of material before we do t2014 MissMary Tote10he labor.  It is what it is.

If you want a sturdy shopper, Hobby Lobby(HB) carries heavy duty twill in solid colors only.  HB carries a beautiful cream color twill that I like to use often.  It goes well with most colors.

The fabric dictated the design.   I made much deeper pockets all around the bag.  I used a little gray material I had to contrast the inside of the shopper pockets so they’d stand out a little.  Look!  The tote stands up by itself.  That’s due to the batting and the weight of the fabric.

I2014 MissMary Tote3‘ve changed up how I make the straps when I’m not sewing them along the front pocket.  It’s a lot easier and they’re much sturdier.2014 MissMary Tote4

For some reason this bag called out for closures.  I haven’t made them in awhile so I always have to go back and find a pattern piece then determine the best way to add them.  The questions I ask are, should I sew it into the seam or onto the fabric?  How will that affect the top-stitching detail when I’m finished? I chose stitching it into the seam which made it much easier to top-stitch at the end.

2014 MissMary Tote 1

I toyed with not adding an inside pocket due to the four pockets on the outside already.  But, pockets are always welcome.

I have to find a better way to sew the plastic bottom in.  The fabric, batting and stabilizers make it very difficult to sew.  In fact I’ve broken a few needles trying to do so. 2014 MissMary Tote7

My daughter suggested large buttons an added detail.  Chrissy always sees details that I sometimes do not.  So, I headed to Joanne’s to find buttons to complement the chevron straps.  Well, there are SO MANY different colors of peach/apricot/ you-name-it that I couldn’t find one that would work well.  Sad face.  2014 MissMary Tote8

In the end it turned out cute.  I think this style would make a nice tote for moms with new babies.  They’re always hauling stuff.

With the cooler weather coming I’m back in the sewing room.  I have to finish out Monique Dillard’s  Block of the Month for the Algonquin Quilters Guild, I have my baby  blanket challenge to finish for Advocate Sherman Hospitals Nicu unit, AND a few baby things for newborns.

It’s fall Y’all.


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