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What Inspiration do you need?

I like to be inspired physically, mentally and spiritually.  Inspiration should be a classification of narcotics but only with great side effects.

Mental inspiration. It’s a challenge.  I’m more of a visual learner and a slow reader.  I like things to make sense.  Game of Thrones was not making sense.  You know that feeling where you can’t connect the dots – makes you a little wicked sometimes.  Finally, I decided to pick up the books to read through them.  Everything makes sense now and all is calm.  Mental inspiration is also taking on a task and completing it.  I’m a retentive soul and until something is complete it nags at my being.  And then I need another project.  Doesn’t that sound perverse?  A constant state of projects.

Spiritual Inspirations, they’re meant to give us peace.  We have so little of it today.  The loss of peace leaves us lonely, sad, and aching for restfulness.

Today’s writers reach out to their readers to bring things into today’s perception.  Back 50 years ago the Sisters of Mercy said only prayer brought you peace – they really didn’t go much further with that explanation to all of us that attended St. Columbus Elementary.

There are several writers and sites that I visit or get poked with each day.  One of them is from Emily Miller whom I’ve known for many years.  I had no idea that she wanted to step into this realm of inspiration.  I love the series name that she’s given to her recent endeavor, 31 Days of Gentleness for the Rest of Us.   The other writer looks a lot like my surgeon, Dr. James Bresch, and he is very popular speaker and author – Joel Osteen Ministries.  I really enjoy his positiveness as it relates to all the negativeness in our lives.

And then from my very Catholic days I’ve always been drawn to Saint Faustina, known for her inspiration to others to be joyful in God’s Mercy, and the one who introduced the Divine Mercy to the world.   If you read Sr. Faustina’s writings they will speak to you personally, the way it should be.  I get a little miffed at those that want to shred it down to their version when the original works far better than an interpretation.

Physical Inspiration.  It’s all about how to work efficiently helping to produce proven results, aggression releases – I have a lot of those lately, and the music that keeps you in the game.  When I’m finished with a workout the endorphins and your muscles are all a buzz.  It’s what brings you back.

Here’s a fantastic beginner weights workout that a friend posted on FB, thanks Kathy Starr, that will get you in the habit easily to regain the strength you’ve lost over the years.  Now mind you, should you do this, the next day and the day after that, you will feel the ache of muscles that have been used.  The muscles need the exercise in order to improve your regain of strength.  Within 21 days you’ll see a positive change as long as you do this at least 3 times a week.

I really encourage you to find your inspirations.


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