Miss Mary

Remembering a Song

It was during my college years that I picked up a music book of songs written by Bread.  “If” was my favorite to tinker around with on the Gilbert’s dorm piano.  I distinctly remember one of the music majors, working on his masters in music, asking if he could a have hand at playing it.  He was probably sad that I couldn’t get the song to flow.

It is a trans-formative moment when someone is able to expertly play the entire song on the piano without stopping.   I just fell in love with the song.2014 wedding dance

The song was written in 1971 and played for years on the radio.  The radio was my friend.  I didn’t have any loose change to purchase vinyl albums, especially in ’71.

Fast forward 13 years and it was wedding music that I was exploring.  That’s when cassettes and 8 tracks were popular.  I put it out there for the future Mr. Sal to see if he’d be up for the first dance song to be “If”.  Yep he was, and the rest is a 30 year history.

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