Miss Mary

What have we done?

The other day I had a workman at the house.  We were chatting about the damages from the hail storm from Father’s day.  He told me his insurance company denied him and then canceled is policy.  It’s a well known company.  The houses around him were ruined but somehow his was not.  Hmmm, insurance companies.

I recommended that he call the better business bureau and call the Attorney Generals office.  He said he couldn’t do that because he was a Republican.


Oh my god!

After the shock of his statement, I shook it off and explained that government isn’t just for some people but for all citizens and that he should move forward in calling Lisa Madigan’s office as it is wrong what his insurance company did.

This indoctrination that government isn’t for us if it’s not of the same philosophical beliefs that we hold, is pure and utter nonsense.   The first question they ask you is not whether you’re red, blue or a person of the universe.  They CAN’T do that.  His words are still igniting my brain on fire.

How did we forget what we learned in civics class?  When did the constitution become someone else’s laws?  I’m just shaken to the core over this insanity.

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