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Inspire Us: Best Trainer Ever Tony Wuebker

2014 Trainer Tony3There’s a “fitness tribe” of us that found out we could submit our trainer for Live with Kelly an Michael show and we collectively brought our words and photos together to submit him because we felt he deserved a chance at winning.  Unfortunately he was not chosen out of the thousands of entries.

So we’ll let you know what we submitted.  WE have a tremendous amount of pride in his professionalism because he’s done so much for so many.

“Meeting with a trainer when your demons are on high is the worst and best day of your new lifestyle change. Trainer Tony Wuebker’s demonstrated professionalism has helped us to conquer any and all demons. He passionately BELIEVES we will attain our goals especially when we have entered into the dreaded self-doubt direction. Tony will NEVER give up on you. His knowledge of health and fitness has changed our lives.

Tony will tell you that he does not offer a cookie cutter routine to obtain your fitness goals. His clients come in various sizes, genders, ages, and medical needs. His unique style of training is tailored to each client. He is always positive and excited about the workouts he creates. You can always tell how excited he is about his workouts when he tells you the plan and then flashes the pearly white teeth with a big smile.  The bigger his smile is, the better the workout.

What also makes him unique is the connection he has made with his clients. You might be a boot camp person, or a private training client, but whether it is through the annual Thanksgiving Day Boot camp, his “Trainer Tony” Facebook Page, or just showing up, he makes sure we all know each other.  Linking us with likeminded people only strengthens the drive and motivation to stick to our fitness goals. He creates that magic. His energy and enthusiasm are contagious.2014 Trainer Tony2

Tony graduated with a BS in Sports Science and pre Physical Therapy from Loras College. He is an NSCA Certified Personal Trainer. He employs the successful High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) techniques for all of his clients.

His boot camps are HIIT circuits incorporating bodyweight exercises, (ex: lunges, squats, burpees), TRX Bands, Ropes, balance ball, water pipes, his own wall to climb, tractor tires, hurdles, truck pulls, and of course weights. He gets the most out of us without putting us in jeopardy of injury. He is always thinking of new ways to train.  Because he is a master at HIIT he knows exactly how to get your heart rate up and down to maximize the benefits of the training.  He teaches proper form and explains why you are doing a particular move and how it will affect your progress.

Many one-on-one clients come in with serious issues. His genuine concern for their well-being is evident in the professionalism toward goal setting, nutrition, exercise, and rebuilding broken spirits. He works at building up confidence in ones strength. He’s admitted that he takes pride in seeing people reach their goals, whether that’s losing 100 pounds or learning to walk again.

Tony trains his clients to compete in Tough Mudder and marathons. These challenges create transformative work ethics for his clients related to career, lifestyle, family and other successes even outside of the gym. He has the capacity to change lives.

2014 Trainer Tony4He is not above jumping in with you to workout. If your schedule isn’t allowing you to get into the gym, he will offer up his personal time to meet you or join in with him during his personal workout. He looks for you every day at the gym and will call to see if you’re adding some type of exercise to your non-gym time or at least keeping on track with your food choices. He is only a text away, and celebrates with you even if it’s to take a picture of the scale for a small goal reached.

Tony is completely non-judgmental with an innate kindness that motivates us to continue our journey. He pushes us to achieve more than we ever thought possible. He teaches with an unwavering commitment to a lifestyle of better nutrition and activity.

Tony has changed our lifestyles for the better. Some of us have lost 15 pounds; some have lost upwards of 100. He teaches us about nutrition and not dieting.  It’s the clean eating regiment where processed foods are a thing of the past. At least 5 to 6 meals a day, lean and green after lunch, half your weight in water, cut out the pop, salt, no fat stacking and only good fats are on the menu.

Professional Highlights:

  • Trainer to Julio Gomez Season 8 of Biggest Loser who lost 180 pounds in 180 days and came in second for the at home participation.
  • Behind the scenes Trainer for Becky Ochal, MTV’s show “I used to be Fat”.
  • Author: “Get it Right Make it Tight” The Ultimate Guide to a Sustainable and Profitable Personal Training Business.
  • X-Plode Athletic Enhancement Program
  • X-Treme Physique Classes / Bootcamps / 90 Day transformation Programs
  • Part owner and program designer for a new fitness concept Cross Kicks Fitness

From all of us, we BELIEVE Tony is the best fitness trainer.”

  • Mary Fioretti
  • Zim Asani
  • Dana Popovich
  • Allison Popovich
  • Ianna Loader
  • Dani Ebert
  • Brian Eback
  • Curtis Faessler
  • Donna Bland
  • Marcy Buffo
  • Bob Henry
  • Teri Mehlhop
  • Jen Kelly
  • Kathy Eback
  • Betsy Lima
  • Brittany Agnes
  • Arianna Fontana
  • Danielle Giamberduca
  • Abby Peterhans




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