Miss Mary

Blogger Girls Block of the Month Block 2

I know, long time no type.  My husband works from home now and has command of the computer.  Makes it a wee bit difficult to be creative in the writing realm when you don’t have access to it when you feel like composing.

The guild has been pretty busy this year.  One of the projects we started was a Block of the Month using Monique Dillard’s Blogger Girl’s BOM 2.  We’re two months behind them.  We chose this because the design uses rulers – a new technique for some, we had a quilt educator come in and demonstrate how to create these rulers, we had a project developed around this technique for April, and finally Monique will be joining us in August to see what type or progression we’re making.  WE actually articulated a series of events.  Accomplishments.

What I will say about the ruler and flying geese, they’re perfect..  Not kidding, they’re perfect.  I’ve never had any goose come out perfect.  For you quilters, you know I’m saying here.

This is really for my fellow guild members as a guide.

2014 AQG BOM block 2 12014 AQG BOM block 2 2For me I chose to do red and creams for my BOM.  I fell in love with our raffle quilt and wanted my own red and white quilt.

Pat Mesker gave me a great idea to keep things straight as I was cutting and assembling, to label the pieces.  In block 2 we use 4 colors.  So I used A-D on post its.  You can see in the second photo how well this works.

2014 AQG BOM block 2 3

2014 AQG BOM block 2 4Just follow the directions to sew the geese.  There’s four in this block.  I also have to create a “true” or “scant quarter inch” stich on my Janome which is position 4.5 on my machine.  That worked out amazingly.  The next photo shows lining up the point and the ruler.  See how it fits so perfectly – lined right up.  Point on the goose, and point on the ruler.  Get the heck out.  I am NEVER that lucky.  Once you have that lined up, you cut the excess off the top.

2014 AQG BOM block 2 62014 AQG BOM block 2 7With the ruler still on your goose slice off the right side of your goose. Rotate the piece, line up the cut edge on the 2″ x 3 1/2″ and trim.

2014 AQG BOM block 2 82014 AQG BOM block 2 9I then lay them out to see what it’ll look like and to keep my placement “put”.   Sew each small block and press the seam.   Keep them laid out so you don’t lose your direction.

2014 AQG BOM block 2 112014 AQG BOM block 2 10Then you complete the sewing and you end up with this.  Awesome-sauce.  So I added this to the design board with last months BOM.  It’s really shaping up.  Can hardly wait to finish the whole darn thing.

My new sneakers have made their debut here too.  Loving that bright pink shoe lace aren’t ya?    I couldn’t make the meeting this past Thursday due to a wake.  I missed seeing the raffle quilt QUILTED.  It still needs to be bound.  I’m going to try to get together with Sue Stanek as she finishes that process.    It’s really beautiful.

2014 AQB raffle 2



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