Miss Mary

They’ve returned – The Great American Quilt Part V

In conversations I overheard at the Algonquin Quilters Guild meeting regarding the return of the Great American Quilt blocks, I understood that this was the very first time that we may have had 90% returned so quickly. Our members have been very excited over this quilt and anxiously can’t wait to see the results.

2014 GAQ pt5 42014 GAQ Pt5 1Sue Stanek lays them out on the floor where she placed a queen sized sheet. Using her pattern lays them out so we can see what it looks like. You’ll be able to see that approximately 10 blocks may not have been turned in. The entire center will be sewn by the weekend by Sue so she can look it over with other members at the Saturday Quilting Bee being held at the Algonquin Library Eastside extension.

When you see this in person you see it in 3d and when you see it in a photo it looks as if the seams are already created. It’s a very helpful tool to view the quilt in a photo.

2014 GAQ pt5 7Our meeting was also graced by Yvonne’s Honor Quilt. Holy smokes it’s gorgeous. It was a block of the month though an online store. It took her three years to complete. Really stunning in person.

2014 GAQ pt5 9Our program for the evening was what to do with all those scraps we have sitting around the sewing room.  Susie Fox, owner of the Material Girl in Crystal Lake, came to talk about what you can do with SCRAPS. We have a lot of them if you make quilts. She told us how to store them, what to do if they are a certain size, how to separate colors, and showed us quilts and other things that were made from scraps.  To many of us it helps us to be inspired to separate, re-imagine storage, possible opportunities to make other quilts from all these lovely piles of scraps.

2014 GAQ pt5 82014 GAQ pt5 10



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