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Beauty in the Making – Great American Quilt Part 4

Great American Quilt patternRemember this?

Well we’re starting to see the fruits of our labors.  It’s been three weeks since we were introduced to the red and white blocks that were given to the Algonquin Quilt Guild members.  Every third Saturday members meet at the Algonquin east side Library extension for a “sewing bee” to complete projects or in this case if anyone needed assistance on their blocks.  They also meet to discuss color selection on their projects, or new patterns, or anything related to husbands.  Saturday’s session was an introduction and audition of borders for the Great American Quilt.

Sue Stanek needs a gold medal for all the work she has done on the quilt.  (She has completed 9 blocks.)  She’s simply amazing in her precise techniques.  Every point lines up perfectly.  To the untrained eye you would not even recognize the work that goes into the sewing.   It’s all about the points my friends.

What you see here is the “layout” of the blocks.  In a photo you can see the melding of the blocks better than in person.  In person you see it in 3D, where as a photo blends lines so it looks like the blocks have been sewn together.

2014 GAQpt4 1 2014 GAQpt4 2

Unlike in the past, quilters had to use their instincts.  We had so many years of experience in the room to help make boarder color decisions and I believe it may have been the first time photos were taken to help make color decisions.  A photo makes auditioning borders much easier to do.  We went through many variations of what do.

The outside border is gorgeous.  We love how that looks but we also felt there needed to be an inner boarder to give it a rich depth.  You can see by our auditioning what each border adds to the quilt.   On the left we auditioned just a 2 1/2 inch background boarder.  It extends the background but doesn’t do anything “extra” for the quilt character.  The right photo we rolled the boarder over to add more red to the look but we felt that cutting this precisely and sewing it would be a huge challenge.

2014 GAQpt4 52014 GAQpt4 7

I kept taking pictures so we could go back and forth to see what the differences were.

2014 GAQpt4 10

2014 GAQpt4 9

On the right we auditioned a 2 1/2 inch red border with a very slight print.  Boy, doesn’t that make a difference?  Then we tried a very rich looking fabric, which gives the quilt a different look but would that really work for the person whom would like to own this quilt?  These borders really make an individual statement in the character of the quilt.  I know that sounds like gobbledygook but you can visually see the difference.  So what’s it going to look like when you go around the corner?

2014 GAQpt4 122014 GAQpt4 11

Each definitely has a charm.  Left or right?  What would you choose?  We have 60 plus blocks to finish.  This coming Thursday all the blocks are to be returned.

A lot of work goes into the beauty you see here.  We hope you’ll help us by purchasing a raffle ticket down the road.  Our hope is that the quilt will be completed by June or a little before.  The proceeds go to the guild for projects and the operations of the guild.  Our charity work that we do is making baby blankets for the NICU unit at Advocate Sherman Hospital in Elgin.  Our members visited the unit and were overwhelmed by seeing their blankets being used for the babies.  This past year we donated 30 something blankets.  You can believe that each blanket has about 15 plus or minus hours in the making of the baby blanket.  What a wonderful gift for such precious babies.

Oh P.S. members were also working on other things such as the projects below.  One is a runner and the other is hand work for a quilt.  All by hand.

#5.  They’ve returned.

#6.  Piecing it together

#7. It’s done

2014 GAQpt4 13 2014 GAQpt4 14

2 thoughts on “Beauty in the Making – Great American Quilt Part 4

  1. Mary: Those are some pretty incredible quilts! I’ll definitely line up for raffle tickets when you make them available!

    You’re a “no reply” blogger on my site, so Tag couldn’t reply there to your comment, but he asked me to leave one here for you, so here’s what he wrote: “Hi Miss Mary:
    Thanks so much for sayin’ so. Mom told me a story about some guy named Sampson and how he got weak when they cut his hair. I can understand, ‘cuz I nearly fainted, too!
    We hope you, Daisy, Lady and Belle have a great week. Stay warm!
    Smooches, Tag”

    We’d love it if you’d share your email address next time, too so we could respond directly. Thanks again from Tag and me for your comment!


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