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Partying for a Crowd

2014 Chrissy and Doug2014 is certainly off to a start.  My daughter and her husband are moving to St. Louis where he’ll start his new position.  She, through her dedicated work, also has a position with the company she’s been working for in retail.  That tells me the stars are aligned for happy prosperous new year for them.  It was also their first anniversary this month and I had the wedding topper in my freezer for a year.  We took it out for their bon voyage party last night.  They look cute – it’s the Rum Chata smile on her husband that makes me smile.

We had a few gluten free folks, vegetarians, and non dairy folks in the group.  What’s a mom to do?  I did find things that appealed to everyone.  But the one recipe that appealed to me for “all of them” we all liked a lot!  And that’s a Stuffed Portobello Mushroom recipe from A Food Centric Life.  It was AMAZINGLY delicious.

From A Food Centric Life
From A Food Centric Life

I started out making the roasted tomatoes the day before.  I did not use thyme, I used oregano for the herb.  This was one of the easiest things to do the day before and store it in your fridge.  Kosher salt, pepper, diced cloves of garlic, dried oregano and toss with extra light virgin olive oil.  Roast for 25 minutes (20 wasn’t long enough).  The recipe calls for culinary lavender, I don’t have any therefore none used.

2014 Portobella mush 3 I cleaned the mushrooms earlier in the day of the party, and YES I use water.  Some TV chefs say not to use water but honestly, they need to be clean, a little pastry brush isn’t going to get the compost off of them.  Do they know what’s in compost????  That’s why I let them dry all day long.  I found the mushrooms at Walmart and they were surprisingly fresh and the correct size.

The vinaigrette for them is delicious and I made that in the earlier part of the day too.  Diced shallots, kosher salt and pepper, strained juice of a whole lemon, chopped garlic and extra light virgin olive oil.  Brush that onto the clean mushrooms, place the tomatoes in the caps, place the cheese onto the caps – I used what I had which was boursin cheese, then roast for 15 minutes or till done. BABY was that good.  I was getting ready and my BFF Lynne assembled the mushrooms.  It says to broil the mushrooms but I didn’t have the time nor the oven space to do so.

I’d make these again in a heart beat.

2014 portobella mush 4I borrowed the photos from the Centric Life website because I was too busy to take my own.  I give them credit for their photos –  because they’re so great looking.

The most fun of the evening was the Rum Chata shots that guests were cajoled into upending.  Chrissy’s husband went about the party pouring shots out of that huge bottle till it was all gone.  HOLY Moses.  The little bottle was purchased because  guests that arrived later wanted more.  I had never heard of Rum Chata till my nephews wedding this past June.  It was the rage of the party.   It’s goes well in your coffee too.

My daughter and her husband are blessed to have such good friends and family.  We’re all excited for them.  We’re not a mushy sort and try not to be too emotional, but instead offer blessings of parents love for their future to be bright.

An Old Irish Blessing

May the road rise up to meet you.
May the wind always be at your back.
May the sun shine warm upon your face,
and rains fall soft upon your fields.
And until we meet again,
May God hold you in the palm of His hand.

4 thoughts on “Partying for a Crowd

  1. Mary,
    It sounds like a wonderful party! I am very happy for Chrissie and her husband! I am very sad for you! It is so hard to have your daughter so far away! At least it is within driving distance (normally). All my bet to the happy couple and you and your entire family for 2014!


  2. Hi Mary. Wonderful post. Heart-warming, And yes, like you do, I do thank God every day that I am one of His kids. Glad the recipe worked out for you and everyone enjoyed. The dried lavender is really optional, as I realize most folks don’t have that around. Herbs de Provence works well too. That has lavender in the blend. Totally optional. Using the oregano is terrific. I grow lots of that and trade off too. Loved reading about how it all worked for you. Must have been a lovely party! God bless.


    1. Oh my gosh Sally, I am so thankful that you posted. Mi love your recipes. I’ve lost 60 pounds and have more to go. Your site is so helpful. I believe we seek out to help others through our gifts.


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