Miss Mary

2013 Transitions

December 2013
December 2013
January 2013
January 2013

I loaded my daughter’s wedding picture from January 12, 2013 up onto my Facebook and realized I didn’t look like that any longer.  While the day was full of joy, and each time I see this picture that feeling returns, I realize I could have been in better shape.  But when I think about it, probably not.  I was six months off of double knee replacement with limited motion.

Like some of you over the holidays we eat those things that we haven’t had in the past year.  The scale wasn’t my friend this morning and I’ve re-committed, now that the holidays and hub’s birthday are over, we can get back to normal.  Even my husband requested we get back to normal.  That’s a testimonial in and of itself.

Once you create an environment that’s safe it’s so much easier to eat clean.  You feel better and you look better.

Am I making resolutions, not really.  But I am committed to exercise, better eating, getting off the meds, and smaller clothing.

So long to 2013 and all that weight.

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