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2013 count downI am constantly surprised at what people like to read and what they don’t like to read.  WordPress gives you statistical information in summary formats that identify the most sought after and read articles.  Very cleverly WordPress gives you information regarding where the reader found the article, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, email, or search engine such as google or yahoo.  This assists the writer in finding the right place to post to get the most traffic.

This year I concentrated on getting healthy as you can see by almost all the posts.  I still love to cook/bake/buy cookbooks then cook and bake from them.  I also enjoy pulling out really old recipes that I remember from childhood.  Sewing is a passion of mine too but I have to say no sewing projects made it in the top ten.

Those things that were the top searches are  not necessarily from this year, oh contraire.  Many are from some-other-time.  I’ve been debating on how to list the top 10 and have decided to do it the Dave Letterman way, 10th position thru 1st place.  Here goes:

Busy day 023#10.  Captain America Cookies for a little super hero.  This post was created in 2011 for a little man my girlfriend asked me to make for her grandson.  I’m such a Captain America fan that I can hardly wait till the new movie is out.

Watermelon ingredients#9.  Wildfire Watermelon Salad.  I’m not the only one that loves this.  The first time I ran across even the mention of this salad was on the internet.  That summer it was the “it salad”.  I had the chance to eat at Wildfire and of course I ordered it.

2013 KH PB#8.  Baking Time of Year.  This was my friend Kim Hanson’s mothers recipe for Pumpkin Bread.  Gotta tell you it was outstanding.  Even pumpkin haters love it.  It makes two large loaves.  One I took to work for Black Friday sales associates to enjoy.

2013 TonyW#7.  A Strategy for Success in the Gym.  August of this year I was making better progress at losing weight and getting stronger.  I needed professional assistance.  This is a post regarding the use of Trainer Tony after post physical therapy and the benefits of it.  I’m living proof that a trainer is the solution to making lifestyle changes.

2013 just start#6.  Thinking Back…Just Start.  Finding a way to continue  to do well takes looking back.  I encourage everyone when they start their lifestyle changes to take pictures to give you proof that you’re changing.  Even the smallest of losses show up on the camera.

2013 Hansen1#5.  Sauté into Fitness.  A change in career from franchise restaurant operations to a gym owner is quite a change for Hanson.  I was astonished that he studied to be a chef and left it all for fitness.  I thought it made an interesting story for others.  Plus, I wanted to really know what his favorite tool in the kitchen was.  Do you know?

Dana & Allison Tough Mudders#4.  Inspire Me:  What a Team.  This post was about a mother/daughter team who enjoyed working out together.  I’ve been FB friends with Allison who is off to college and see her mom Dana at the gym pretty much every day.  Even now when she returns from college Allison joins Dana for bootcamp.

FUDGE! 010#3.  Old Fashioned Chocolate Fudge.  You can guarantee around the holidays people are looking for Betty Crocker’s Old Fashioned Fudge recipe.  I have it and it’s listed in the post.  I received several comments from readers thanking me for posting this as they had lost the page out of their book or lost the book all together.  I didn’t make it this year, but I did purchase all the things to make it.

2013 Katie before n fter#2.  Inspire Me – Meet Katie Marie.  Katie inspires me everyday.  She has had an exceptional journey and has been dedicated to keeping the weight off.  Her trials this year are like all of us when work gets in the way, or injuries make our life intolerable, or time slips away from us.  So many times she does two-a-days.  All I can say is wow.

Nordstroms cook book#1.  Cook Book Review:  Nordstrom’s Family Table cook book.   Lordy who knew!  Lots of times we have no other place to turn but the internet and reviews of anything – clothing, books, TVs – almost everything we know of today can be reviewed.  This cookbook is one of my favorites.

So it’s all about living healthy and eating good things.  I think that about sums it up well.  If you have an inspiring story let me know.  I’ll be happy to spread the good news.

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