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Trying Drop and Gimme

Curtis Williams courtesy of Self Magazine.
Curtis Williams courtesy of Self Magazine.

My girlfriend gave me a Self magazine a while back and there were a few 3M post-its attached to various pages.  One of them was Curtis Williams football firm derrière exercises.  There was one exercise I wanted to try with a push up.  During my Monday workout I incorporated it without the bands that he used but felt I probably didn’t do a very good job at it.

Just so happens when I was getting ready to leave, and I’m not kidding, there was a young lady doing this very same exercise.  I was so jealous because she did them perfectly, SO PERFECTLY.  She had the same strength in her push up along with her bent knee to her elbow as Curtis did.  I will say I really did feel it this morning, along with a lot of other aches and pains.

So today, during my treadmill cardio I always stop at 5 minute intervals to do an increased interval.  I tried the exercise again with a little better technique.   It’s 5:00pm and I’m feeling it.

If you’re looking for changes in your routines, they’re all over the place.  Challenge yourself to improve.  Before you know it you’ll look fabulous dahling.

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