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Winning the Losing Battle

What is the difference between success and failure on the lifestyle challenge train?  My personal opinion, having really worked this for a few years, it’s the way we look at what we’re saying to ourselves regarding a lifestyle change.   It’s how we describe to our inner selves what the goal is and what it is not.  If we continue to say to ourselves I don’t want to give up my peanut butter candy, social drinks, pizza, bagels, hash brown casserole, soda, pies, cakes, cookies – the list is endless, but I need to lose weight, therefore I’m going grievously into this diet resenting that I have to do this – guess what – YOU LOSE because you will never change your lifestyle for the right reasons and keep it off.

Me in 2011 on the left and today on the right.
Me in 2011 on the left and today on the right.

The right reason is to be healthy.  That means there should not be any resentment in your clean choices of food – protein, complex carbohydrates, healthy fats, healthy grains and vegetables.  Nor should there be any resentment for committing to exercise 3 to 6 times a week.  One hour is ONLY 4% of your day.  Or if you like T25, then we’re only talking 25 minutes a day which is less than 2% of your day.  (I’m not trying to sell his products, I just like his commercial.)

There is no quick fix to losing weight, PERIOD.  You have to change the way you think about food.  You have to grab ahold of why you eat – am I a stress eater, a social eater, a depressed eater, an emotional eater, or am I just out of freaking control.  Then you have to deal with those issues –  meaning, get rid of them (excuses) why you eat.  Why do I have to get ahold of these issues?  It’s so you can exist after your weight loss while maintaining your new weight without any grudges or impediments.

All that doesn’t happen overnight either.  If you look at my photos, you’ll see that it’s been a two year challenge for me and I’m not done.

Well, what sends us down the right path?  For me it was a lifetime of bad habits that needed to change plus I needed to get the weight off these new knees and reverse my diabetes.  Diabetes is expensive, destructive and can be averted if you’re a type 2.   I was inspired by others weight loss journeys.  Hell, if they can do so can I.

It’s not just diet, YOU HAVE TO MOVE.  Everything I have read, everything my doctor has said is JUST MOVE IT.

If you are ready to make changes, I have a few books for you to consider.  One is called Body for Life written by Bill Phillips.  The subtitle is 12 Weeks to Mental and Physical Strength.

Strong Women Stay Young or Strong Women Stay Slim, by Dr. Miriam Nelson.

Or there are websites and FB pages to be inspired.   Such as:

Skinny Ms. website where you can begin today to start moving, develop an eating plan, and learn about good food choices.

Finally Alive After 25 a day to day journey for a young lady, Ms. Katie, who started at 317 and is now in the 180s.

Heidi Powell, life coach and the other  half of Chris Powell, from Extreme Weight Loss.  She has a nice blog that explains many aspects of lifestyle changes.  I’m liking her recent Wonder Woman confession booth article.

By the way, you are NOT ALONE in this journey.  The internet offers lots of people that have been in your shoes.  LOTS.  When I googled weight loss coaches 17 million results were returned to me.  On the Women’s Health website they have 62 women’s stories.

Hang in there.

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