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Naughty or Nice, you want to be on Santa’s gift list

It’s getting to be that time of year where we think of gifts for Christmas with an ultimate goal in mind, one of a lifestyle change.

I’ve been asked many times what to do or where to start.  Much of that has been from others whom have had their knees replaced.  Some of the questions have been on weight loss.  There is no quick fix and it ALL comes with a price.

But where do you start and what do you need.

If you’re serious let’s start here.

2013 giftlist2#1.  A gym membership with a Trainer once a week.  I know you’re putting your head in your hands saying that’s not doable.  Well it is.  It a commitment and an investment to better health.  You’ve not been able to do it alone, but this investment will get you there.  Where I go we have four trainers and the membership is only $5/month.  For me, my physical therapist was $156 a session, I had 3 a week for 30 sessions, that’s $4,680.  For my trainer it’s $170 A MONTH.

Select a gym that’s a no frills gym so you can truly concentrate on your goals.

2013 giftlist3#2.  Musical device.  Some type of a musical device (ipod or nano or phone) that you can create playlists so you can exercise boredom free.  You’ll need ear buds too.  Cardio is boring but with music it’s bearable.  It motivates me to keep going, keeps me pedaling or walking.  When I do resistance training the beat helps me push the weights or keep up with the song.  Oh and by the way, those dr. dre things, bad for the gym.

#3.  ITunes gift card to purchase tunes.  It’s a perfect stocking suffer, or a gift from your kids or from a grab bag.2013 giftlist4

2013 giftlist5#4. Polar FT40, men’s or women’s, heart rate monitor.  Comes in white or black. This devise will help you work out efficiently to burn fat.  There’s a science at play now where they’ve figured out that faster isn’t better when it comes to losing weight.  The good part about this is that you’ll see the progress you’re making right before your eyes.  This gift could be from your kids, or hubby, or from yourself.  Your trainer or others can help you figure this out.

2013 giftlist6#5.  Clothing and shoes.  Gift cards to Old Navy, Dicks, DSW or where ever they sell workout clothing and shoes.  Make sure your pants have pockets.  Get shoes that will help you, not look fashionable when you’re sweating your butt off.  PS, you CANNOT work out in jeans.  OMG.  I don’t know what these folks are thinking but you are so RESTRICTED when you’re wearing jeans in the gym.

2013 giftlist8#6.  Weekly/Monthly Planner.  Ask for a gift card to Target, or Office Max so you can pick up a yearly calendar that you can write your progress down, your gym appointments, your exercise routine, etc.  NOT YOUR PHONE.  A phone is far too much distraction in the gym for YOU.

2013 giftlist 1#7.  A plan.  There’s tons out there but the Trainer will help you a great deal.  If you need or want to get going on your own, the one I like the most is Body for Life.  You can pick that up on  The plan is so similar to what the trainers will have you doing.  You get a free day with the plan but I never do.  I suggest you read the entire book first.

So this is just the beginning of a “list”.  You can add other things if you’d like, but it’s the basics of what you need.

As an aside, I was looking for a cute Santa photo that was a “fit Santa”.  Only in cartoon characters.  How about one with Dwayne Johnson, “The Rock”, as Santa, only a little more buff and no white beard.

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