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So out of character, Not Myself Tonight

2013 Xtina Eonline
Courtesy E online

I am a super fan of The Voice.  Last Monday Christina Aguilera had on a beautiful shade of lipstick.  I tweeted #xtina on Twitter requesting what shade she was wearing – skip the talent on the show because I was only interested in finding out what color her lipstick was.  Unfortunately, no reply.  But I became possessed to find it.

So yesterday my daughter and I hit Ulta.  We pulled up the photo from E online then set out to find a berry color.  We sifted through lots of lines of lip colors.  Good golly, thank heavens I just stick with Bobbi Brown, because there is just TOO much to choose from.

Courtesy E onlineChrissy steered me toward Lancôme.  And there it was, all in it’s glory, Berry Noir.  Now it may not be THE color but it was darn close.

I also picked up, on Chrissy’s suggestion, a new invisible lip liner, from Lipstick Queen, that prevents your lipstick from bleeding.  It helps to take a 20 something along on a makeup scavenger hunt.

That evening I was working.  I couldn’t wait to try it on.  I loved it but it needed a little sheen, so out came my go to Bobbie Brown lip gloss, Buff.  Loved it.  This will be the holiday color.  I’ve been stuck with my Loreal 640 for years and I wanted a change.  Berry Noir will not be my everyday lipstick, only for working or something else.

So after our makeup hunt, come to find out that Christina’s makeup artist, Scott Barnes writes about the look.  The real lipstick is by Makeup Forever, Intense 48 – Satin Blackcurrant.  He used his own line of lip gloss, Brandywine which sounds as if it will be out soon.

Everyone that knows me knows that I am NOT the makeup person.  Most times you’ll see me without makeup.  And as the winter approaches and the freckles fade, boy do I need color!

Christina’s music is a prominent part of my playlist.  That’s why the play on words, Not Myself Tonight.

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