Miss Mary

World Diabetes Day

2013 Diabetes cloudI am reposting this from earlier this year for World Diabetes Day.  It’s important you know your numbers.  Only your doctor can tell you that.  Get tested, get treated, and reverse this thing.  🙂


2013 one touch 2My number was 117 this morning.  A bit higher than I like it to be.  I like it in the 100 to 108 range.

What’s in a number?  It’s my morning blood sugar read.  It tells me if I’m on track with my foods, my exercise, or it explains why I feel so crappy.

That number reflects what you did the day before.  If I didn’t exercise, you would see a 10 to 20 point jump.  If I ate more carbs than I am suppose to, you would see a spike in the numbers.  If I forgot my meds you would see a higher number.  If I had a shot of cortisone you would see numbers in the high 200’s into the 300s.  (You and your doctor would have a discussion prior to that shot.)  Or it could have been that extra Greek Yogurt I had last evening.  Oops.

117 tells me what to do today.  It tells me I’m on track with my foods, meds, and exercise.  It also tells me I have to tweak my exercise or the food just a little.  Right now because I’m losing weight I’ve lowered my overnight insulin.

Whenever a Type 2 Diabetic takes their numbers they are reminded they have the disease.  It’s depressing because they pretty much put themselves there.  In fact most newly diagnosed individuals reject the idea and become even sicker because they won’t take their numbers or their meds.  That just makes the situation more complex and could lead to a stroke.

If you’re newly diagnosed, you are not alone.  From the American Diabetic Association 25.8 million children and adults in the United States—8.3% of the population”—have diabetes.

79 million are PRE-DIABETIC.  HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!  

The link for the American Diabetic Association gives you the drastic effects of the disease with current statistics on the American population.

2013 PhiladelphiaRecently the city of Philadelphia, PA is undertaking wide-ranging efforts to curb its obesity epidemic, but its signature cheesesteaks are off-limits for now.  Philadelphia is “America’s most obese and most diabetic major city.”

For more information that will help you to understand what’s happening to you there are two major online sites that I turn to all the time.  They are Diabetic Living and the American Diabetes Association.  They provide you with answers for what you should be looking for every day.

…and no, that’s not me – the outfit isn’t my style.

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