A switch up in routines

Over the last six weeks I’ve drastically changed the way I work out.  It has made me stronger all over, upper body, core, and lower body.

I still work out 5 to 6 days a week and can’t do any of it without a playlist.  These new routines take much longer to do.  On average it’s about an hour to an hour and a half a day.  An hour is only 4% of your day if you’re a numbers person.

Skinny Ms Photo
Skinny Ms Photo

On Monday, Wednesday and Friday it is weight resistance, 20 minutes on the bike, abs, and physical therapy exercises then stretching.   Each resistance day is different and by the end of the week I cover all the body muscle groups with weights or body weight as a resistance tool.  All my routines I write down and scope out the facility to see where I can complete them without hogging up a machine (usually the back machines) or bench for too long.  I try to go around 10 am because there are less people in the facility.

2013 Stationary BikeTuesday, Thursday and one of the weekend days it’s cardio – 20 minutes on the bike (every 3rd minute I up the level to 10 then back down to 2) and 20 minutes on the treadmill where every 5 minutes I pause the treadmill to do pushups or medicine ball to the knee 10 times on each knee.  This is all interval training that according to the Trainers is essential for efficient fat burn.  At the end of the cardio I do a Skinny Ms. Fitness routine called Body Weight Workout.  I only do 2 rounds because I’m fairly well exhausted.  I can’t do jumping jacks yet so I use the band to do side to sides.   I also have to finish with the physical therapy exercises too.  This is the day that takes about an hour and a half.  My playlist is exactly an hour and a half IF you replay one or two songs.

I really like Skinny Ms. Fitness and the recipes.  They offer up lots of opportunities for you to choose great routines which will help you do whatever you want.

I still use Body Pump playlists when doing resistance training but have to go through two playlists to complete my routines.

2013 web earphonesMy cardio playlist I update often.   I get REALLY BORED DURING CARDIO.  I kinda like the angry woman songs as you can see via P!nk and Christina’s songs.  Currently my cardio playlist is this:

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