Miss Mary

Perks of downsizing

Yesterday I had a passion to visit Chico’s.  I was actually looking for tops for work because the cashwrap at work has a tendency to snag my tops.

Don’t you love it when you find something that you’ve been spending years in the hunt for?  Being successful in the find gives you such a sense of accomplishment that you’ve not had in some time because you’ve avoided the trying on phase where you’ll be disappointed.

2013 chico's turtleneckWhen shopping you’re either fortunate or not so fortunate and yesterday I found lots of things that I wanted to take home.  I settled on a gorgeous belt (camel color and a Chico’s turtleneck sweater.  The belt was a LARGE.  Get the heck out!!!!!!  Plus I had a coupon!  GOOD DAY!

I love that traditional camel color look.  The wool skirt, the turtle neck sweater, a pashmina, or jacket in camel colors…just keep going anything in camel.  The color is a redheads best friend.

I had just gotten done with my workout about an hour before and worked on my abs with sit ups on a stabilizer ball with two 12.5 weights.   My core felt strong and there’s nothing like a strong core, if you get there you will LOVE IT.  I love the look with the belt.  I’m not a belt wearer, but I am now.

I like to listen to all the Maroon 5 tunes when I do abs.  They seem to always have the same beat that you need to keep going.  Lately I’ve been listening to Robin Thick’s, Blurred Lines – I end up laughing through that song.

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