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Personal space in the gym – intimidating too

2013 gymswagYep, just after I wrote the Gym-timidation story I was intimidated on my personal space at the end of my extensive workout routine.  I have a routine that I’m doing that has six exercises in it that I try to go to failure on lifting or exercising.  I make a triangle of equipment where there is enough time for others to jump in on the back machine, let’s say, to do their routine.  I had two left in my entire routine and a guy asked me if I was done with the bench.  I told him I had one more to go.

THIS IS WHAT IRKED ME.  He stood with his arms crossed watching me till I was done with that exercise.  As I was moving things out of the way for him he started adding his weight to the bar, stepping over me as I’m picking up the mat, weights, and ball.  My brain was on fire right then and there and I didn’t know what to do.  I’ve been stewing about this for days.  I failed on my gym swag.  😦

By all means he is not an “alpha dog”.  I know those guys and they’re pretty nice to me.  They know I’m committed and that I see them at the gym as much as they see me.  I explain my slowness to them and try to not be in their space as much as possible.  No, this guy, he’s probably around may age, wearing blue jeans to workout in, and is always intimidating.  I think I’ll switch my time to get away from him so I can work out in peace.

Oh PS, just thought the picture was way too cute.

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