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Sewing room additions – inspiration boards

2013 sewingroom1Inspiration boards are a nice touch to a sewing room.  When I see something that I like and know I can have a hand in making one similar I cut out the item and put it in my pile of inspiration.  Since my son moved out I moved the sewing room to his old bedroom.  We’ve added shelving, a large table for sewing and cutting, lots of storage boxes for lots of projects, and we put down a the roller mats for the swivel chair.  I truly needed inspiration boards and have the room on the walls to hang them.

I believe in the idea of reduce, reuse, recycle – my children transcended the mantra to home when they were in school.  Good golly, don’t throw a recyclable item away or there would be a chorus of voices yelling at me.  We were cleaning the basement after moving all the sewing paraphernalia up and we had 2 cork boards.  I had always wanted inspiration boards up, and they were staring at me right there.

2013 sewingroom22013 sewingroom3

2013 sewingroom4Off to Hobby Lobby to pick up fabric, and slowly over time I got around to it.  Finally today I finished them.  Miss Daisy came to see what all the noise I was making was about.  Not often do I get a “visit” from her royal highness.

2013 sewingroom5So on this really bright afternoon, after organizing my big mess, I started finishing a long over do project.  You can see I’m drawing Chanel lines on a tote.  It’ll look Fab when done.

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