Inspire · Miss Mary


2013 ITbandYou wait for this day to come and when it does you’re not believing the pain is gone.  So you wait for the next day, and then the next and finally it hits you, there’s no residual pain in your knees, except when you work out, which is expected.

Last year I had both my knees replaced at the same time.  It’s taken a year and four months to get to no excruciating pain.  Part of the pain had to do with my knee caps not moving to the center of the knee due to the I.T. Bands being too tight requiring EXTRA physical therapy exercises to be done daily to loosen them up.  After performing ALL my exercises for three months my left knee stopped hurting but the right knee just wouldn’t give it up.

The frustration of pain was agonizing.  There were workout sessions that I didn’t want to complete because it was so hard.  But I kept at it.  I WOULD NOT GIVE UP.  I would not let this defeat me.  Just couldn’t do that.  So I would pour on the ice when I got home.

Finally through all the exercising, Trainer Tony sessions, stretching, walking the dog, and cardio, the pain stopped about two weeks ago.  Like overnight.  We were all knocking on wood that this was the end.  Just so precautionary, I couldn’t believe it.  We consistently work on quads and hamstrings because they’re so weak.  When they get strong then we’ll be back in business.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s still pain, but it’s stiffness that can be overcome by getting on a stationary bike or walking the dog.  There’s pain when I exercise but that’s the re-training of the quads and hamstrings that I still take a pain pill for.  I can’t do a jumping jack, or squat, or lunge – yet, nor can I kneel, although the kneeling pain – I’m told – will go away.

This is such a long process, who knew it would take this long and this much work.  We’re not done. If you’re considering this process just keep in mind it’s a long road with rewards at the end.

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