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Planet Fitness does an amazing job here that most women relate to, gym-timidation.

My husband actually picked our gym because it was close and no frills.  We belonged to a “larger” gym with all the amenities but really didn’t use it.  Why pay The $150 a month when you don’t even walk into the place?

It took me a year before I would even step into Fitness 19 because I was just intimidated with the perception of a sweaty men’s gym.  I bit my lip and decided if anything is going to work it has to work with exercise and I just couldn’t use the excuse of a “sweaty gym” to get in my way.

2013 gymtimidation f19My conceptions were unfounded.  The only thing that you have to overcome is asking for help.  That’s it.  The people there are so friendly and so willing to assist you which makes your experience that much better.  The trainers are awesome, the owners are fantastic and work really hard at making the place clean, and the staff is friendly making you feel welcome.

I’ve made a lot of friends at the gym.  I’ve recommended many folks to join.  Lots of people have joined just by reading my blog.

When you seek out a gym, look deep into the workings of the gym.  For me it was about cleanliness.  Ask questions like, how often do you clean the machines, when did you last update the floors and equipment, how often do you clean your bathrooms and changing areas, what’s the ventilation like in here (smelly boys).  If you have children and need childcare you know all the questions to ask about the room and personnel.

Don’t be intimidated.  Just check out places, ask friends who do frequent a gym what their experience has been like so that you can make an informed decision.  No drill sergeants at my gym.

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