Why do we give up dieting and exercise programs?

2013 Why 1I can’t even begin to tell you the number of diets and exercise routines I’ve been involved with over my lifetime but it’s a lot.  I know what doesn’t work for me, but now I know what does.

We give up for a few reasons.


We are a results driven society and expect to see results after we eat our 1200 calories a day with 3 days in the gym.  We all know that first week is just water and the second week is just a teaser.  But then it really gets tough.  One pound or none after that and then what’s the use?  Where are the results?

Well it takes time and your body is stubborn.  Your body will do what it wants to do in it’s course.  If you need a change in exercise routines and diet consult experts such as an accredited trainer.  Read up on what it will take if you can’t hire a trainer.  Also, be accountable to someone, you’ll see that just that single change may be the trigger to weight loss.


Yes it does.  Sometimes we have joint issues.  Many times we have muscle issues and you hurt ALL OVER!  Depending on our age exercise may be difficult to accept as a way of life.  Every single doctor will tell you to get up and MOVE.  Those aches and pains are years of your muscles not being used.   Just standing up sometimes is difficult.

2013 Strong Women Stay youngBut it doesn’t have to be difficult.  Dr. Miriam Nelson, author or Strong Women Stay Young, proved with very small weights (2 pounds) that over a years time using small weights two times a week improved bone density and lean muscle in women

“Strong Women Stay Young is Dr. Nelson’s first book based on research that she and her colleagues conducted on strength training and bone density.  …  After a year of strength training twice per week the participants in the study had less fat and more muscle; bone loss was prevented or reversed; their strength and energy increased dramatically; and they showed surprising gains in balance and flexibility.”


Last year after my daughter’s wedding it became bitterly cold.  Well you would have thought I was frozen to my recliner.  I became paralyzed to the thought of going out in the cold to the gym.  It wasn’t until March that I realized I needed to really step it up if I was ever going to walk properly on these new knees.  I haven’t looked back.

Even when it rains we are tempted to stay indoors.  By the way, in the gym, there’s no rain y’all.


It does, to some more than others.  Each of us has to take a path to wellness.  We have to find a way to fit healthy lifestyles into our difficulties and tell others to step back or step up.

When I was in rehab for my knees – 18 days – I had this little book Jesus Calling.  It was daily affirmations telling me that I was not alone and that my trials were only temporary or that I would not be abandoned.  We have to have hope in our lives.

I really enjoy reading Joel Osteen’s daily affirmations on Facebook.  They are so up lifting.  If you need this help, find it!  You deserve good health.


You know, you got yourself there, get yourself out.  Find a diet that works for you. Cut out the fast foods unless they’re good for you.  This is a lifestyle change, not a temporary change.

Right now all the science is leading to clean eating.  That means non-processed foods (nothing out of a box, white flour), eat veggies, protein, and complex carbohydrates.  You can throw a bread in there once in a while, but make sure it’s whole grain.  There are a lot of sites out there that will tell you what to eat.  Find your way.



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