Miss Mary

Ambitious cooler weather projects

Once you find your niche of want to do projects, you just want to start them all.  Notice I said “start”.  Since it’s been a little chilly I’ve been checking out sewing projects I’ve started and ones that I want to make to set aside for later years.

2013 proj3I needed to assemble all the goodies to start these projects.  I have found that Alicia Paulson from Posie gets Cozy blog has wonderful fanciful ideas, true childlike wonder with imagination in her ornaments.  I purchased them online and downloaded the instructions.  I also ordered a few essentials she had on her site.

2013 proj2Another creative woman whom I am so drawn to her work is Kristyne Czepuryk of Pretty by Hand fame.  She just published her book S is for Stitch.   This project will take years to complete and is saved for grandkids someday.  It’s meant to do while watching the The Voice, The Biggest Loser,  or NFL football that puts me to sleep.

2013 proj5I also have a birthday gift or two that I need to move on.  I made an 11:30pm mistake of cutting wool one inch too short. THAT’S AN EXPENSIVE MISTAKE.  Add that to your don’t do list.  (like: 1. don’t bleed on the fabric)

2013 proj1I did stop by Welcome Stitchery in Crystal Lake to pick up more wool and all the DMC floss along with the wooden hoop and needles.  What a delightful little shop that is.  MAN can you get lost in there if you are a stitcher.  The ladies are so helpful and get this, I said I was looking for xxxx floss – the lady said oh that’s brown and you can find it here.  There are hundreds of flosses in that shop, literally hundreds.  Let’s see how this goes.

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