Miss Mary

Looking back.

2013 rehab 3A year  ago I had double knee replacement surgery.  We took photos at that time.  Looking back, holy smokes, quite a few changes.

I do believe though, that through all of that misery it was the love of family and friends visiting, well wishes, encouraging statements, prayers and many many many more positive extensions of hope that helped me do as much as I did.  I’m still working on strength issues and always working on my PT exercises.

2013 Rehab 1The picture to the left is the afternoon after surgery at Lutheran General.  They had me up walking.  That was a lot of pain meds my friends.  I personally like to forget the hospital.

I look exhausted in the picture to the right.  I had to do laps around the bottom of the Physical Therapy floor.  Good golly!  You can’t see it but there’s a wheel chair behind me incase I needed to rest.  I took 2 Norco every 4 hours for pain.  To bend the knees after surgery in physical therapy you had to take a pain killer or you couldn’t get through the exercises with the Physical Therapist helping you to bend your knee.

2013 TonyW

These pictures are over now thank heavens.  Throw back Thursday doesn’t have to go back that far.   The guy helping me today is Trainer Tony.  Yesterday the left quad seemed to be working great.  We have a ways to go on the right.  You have to look back to see how far you’ve progressed.


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