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Anxiety over a re-fashion.

I purchase well made clothing.  I love the Talbots line of clothing especially when they have a good design year.  The other reason I like Talbots is that they design for plus-sized women.  They get it that we too wish to wear lovely pieces of clothing, that we are wiling to invest with our discretionary income a well made garment (usually on sale), and that we appreciate a garment that uses beautiful fabrics (linen, wool, silk).  Talbots clothing is an investment and lasts for years and does not go out of style.  Classic dressing with classic style.

Having lost so much weight I have all these beautiful pieces of clothing that 1. should go on consignment, 2. go to Goodwill, or 3. I should refurbish them like Beth from the Renegade Seamstress or Sarah from Goodbye Valentino (she likes to construct beautiful clothing).  [I would love to be doing what Sarah is doing this week, just saying.]

I’ve always wanted a camel colored woolen skirt.  As you can see it’s $100 at Talbots.  I have these pants that are made up of silk and wool and the other is a wool blend.

2013 pants 1The one on the left is the silk wool blend and the other is a wool blend.  Leaning toward using the one on the right.  I no longer fit into these pants, one is a 24 and the other a 22.  I’m in 16/18 right now.  Woot!

The pants are so well constructed that the seams are bound, and the pants are lined.

2013 pants 2I’m toying with the idea to reconstruct these into the skirt I want.  (WHAT am I thinking?)  There are difficult pieces here, the waistband is elasticized in two spots.  Can’t forget the belt loops either.

2013 pants 3The front of the pants are pleated and has a very nice zipper.  To deconstruct this I’d have to take the waste band off, seam rip the pants and lining, and thinking I’d need to pick up a skirt pattern to recut the pants.  Oh, my, god.  But the alternative is to purchase a new skirt that I shouldn’t be paying for when I have these in my closet.  I have jackets, and other pants too.

2013 pants 4Another attractive asset to these pants are the pockets.  I love pockets.  But notice the pocket is on the seam where I would have to re-cut.

2013 pants 5I reached out to another person, Joelle, (Beth recommended her)  whom obviously has had experience in creating a skirt from pants but I believe the pants were her regular size where she did not have to totally have to recut the item.

This is on my front burner right now.  There isn’t a need for this but I desire to try it.  The anxiety is utter failure and there goes a beautiful pair of expensive pants.

I have other sewing projects on my table right now that I’ll finish first and then it’s off to the races.

One thought on “Anxiety over a re-fashion.

  1. Congratulations on your weight loss!!! Have you thought about having one pair of pants professionally altered and copying the seamstress’ alteration method?
    I’m sure you’ll come up with just the right decision!


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