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Deconstructing your garden.

2013 garden 3Silly me, I didn’t take pictures prior to ripping everything out.  My front gardens are all perennials.  For perennial health you need to split them every three to four years to make sure you have pretty blooms.  This time around I’m splitting and REMOVING them because it’s just too much work.  When I had fresh legs this wasn’t an issue.2013 garden 4

The gardens are based off of a lovely couple who transformed their entire yard.  In 1994 Better Homes and Garden special interest magazine, Garden, Deck & Landscape Planner, found its way to the Jewel checkout isle.  I picked it up for $3.50.   Inside I found SUCH inspiration for my current garden.  The article, A Late-Summer Fantasy, showed the garden of Don and Thea Blomquist from Rochester, Michigan in its entire splendor.  All of my gardens are based off of their lovely designs.

2013 garden 1As things do, trees and shrubs grow and mature providing much more shade than you originally had planned for.  This changes your growing habit significantly.  Flowers that require sun, REQUIRE sun, not partial shade.  Gardeners adapt well to these circumstances.  I’ve been replanting for years, providing perennials to my neighbors and many folks all around town.  I’ve also been the recipient of many plantings.

2013 garden 2Unfortunately, after 18 years, I had one lovely viburnum just give up and we had to remove it.   We are replacing it with another viburnum so my Halloween witch has a place to fly and the holiday ornament lights have a place to shine.   The wood will be going to a good cause, the annual S’more party my neighbor throws later this fall.  Frankly, it’s a dessert fest.  Looking forward to it all.

2 thoughts on “Deconstructing your garden.

  1. Hello, my name is Anthony Blomquist, the grandson of Don & Thea Blomquist. I happened to come across your post regarding my grandparents being an inspiration and it truly made me happy to see their legacy live on. Thank you for stirring such great memories.


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