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Just when you weren’t looking…

Surprises come when you least expect them.  My mission Sunday was to find a Viburnum to replace my plague ridden eighteen year old one that we removed.  The nursery of choice for me for excellent shrubs is Countryside Nursery in Crystal Lake.  On my walk to “the back of the yards” where the major shrubs are stored there was a major detour in the greenhouse – A QUILT SHOW.   Get the heck out.

Courtesy FB Countryside Nursery
Courtesy FB Countryside Nursery

My daughter calls it ADOS – Attention Deficit Oh Shiny.   As a beginner quilter it’s like eye candy at the techniques used to create these pieces of art.  The mixed media pieces were stunning, whimsical,  priceless and just breath taking.

Some had stories that I tried to capture on my iPhone.  Reminders to self, use Siri more.  The photos do not do this justice.  You need to see them in person.

2013 CSQS 1When you enter the green house you are greeted with the flying quilts.  I think that lady in the middle there works at the Fox River Grove Pieceful Gatherings Quilt store.  I’m not the only one fascinated by these.

2013 CSQS 2I hardly have words for this quilt.  The blocks that you see are hand worked with embroidery stitches using mixed media embroidery – ribbon embroidery, traditional embroidery, wool works – and they all represent fairy tales.  OMG.

2013 CSQS 4Stunning.  I am very drawn to the appliqué because I just don’t think I’ll ever do one.

2013 CSQS 5This gorgeous quilt was made by Joanne Sauternes from Huntley.

2013 CSQS 6The story on this quilt is a book all unto itself.   Amy Slemsby brought the quilt top to the United States from Austria.  It is made from antique linen made in Germany that was used to line dowery chests..  Amy assembled this for her mother and Marlene Williams did the machine quilting.  It’s quite old and in excellent condition.  Really beautiful as is its story.

2013 CSQS 7This 1940s quilt was hand appliqued using the turning method for the leaves, stems and flowers.  SO MUCH WORK!  Look how well it is preserved and the scalloped edges that have to use biased binding.  Just stunning.

2013 CSQS3Last, but certainly no least, a quilted reproduced by quilter Suzanne Riggio to quilt John McCutcheon’s “Injun Summer”.  I can’t even begin to tell you how beautiful this was to see and just be in the presence of.  Art will do that to you. Me, I was trying to figure out how she did this.  I couldn’t.

2013 CSQS 9

Countryside will hold a quilt show every year the third weekend of September.  They encourage quilters to share their works of art.  You should make sure you mark your calendars to visit.  And just as an aside, they also planted a quilt garden.  “Love Birds”,  36′ x 36′ quilt garden.  So cool.  My husband always wonders why it takes me so long to get home.

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