Lost Arts

2013 Grandma stuffed peppersMy mother’s generation and those before her were miracle workers in the kitchen with creating food without recipes.  Watching my mother-in-law make her stuffed peppers without pulling out a card or a book is amazing to watch.  I mentally took note but if I don’t write it down I forget it.

The science to this is visual.  Does it look right?  They also use taste.  Example, the size of egg you use, the temperature of the day, humidity and many other factors go into the composition of what you are making.

Rose, my mother-in-law, makes so many family recipes without a card, notes or a book.  We all are trying to capture these recipes to pass along.  This winter we have Christmas for the Fioretti family.  Many of the granddaughters want to learn how to make the ravioli.  Mom usually makes it at home and transports it.  I think we’ll make a batch here so the granddaughters and granddaughters-in-law can stop by to learn how grandma makes it.

One of Rose’s recipes is stuffed banana peppers.  I found HOT peppers at Tom’s this weekend and knew that she would probably make stuffed peppers for dinner one evening.  What’s hot is not the pork stuffing but the pepper.  I tried one of the milder peppers and there was no way I could eat it.  My father-in-law and husband LOVED this dish.  I think all the family loves this dish.

To all of you whom have mothers or fathers who cook like this, start watching and journaling the recipes so a generation isn’t lost.  For showers we’ve been capturing many of the recipes but not quite all of them.  Like grandma says, “You have to watch me make the ravioli in order to make it right”.

Our children always enjoy the dinners grandma makes.  My son still won’t eat pasta sauce unless it’s made like grandmas.  When you think about it the memories you have about good times stem from the kitchen tables of our parents.

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