Red Devil Returns.

2013 devilStuff happens.  Such as circumstances that give us an excuse to not do what’s really important; for me it’s keeping on track exercising.  That freaky little red she-devil is always poking her pointy tale where it doesn’t belong offering up opportunities to stay home.

Lately it’s been a stronger vibe.  Why, I don’t know.   For example, work.  I never really know from week to week how I’ll be scheduled except for Wednesday mornings I’ve indicated I’m not available.  (Trainer session.)  I was scheduled for a mid-day 10 to 3.  Usually my knees are screaming at me BUT they are getting much stronger so my ability to do more after five hours has increased – halleluiah!  But that sneaking little devil is always trying to convince me to take the easy way out.

There wasn’t anything easy on Thursday because I fell at work and really hurt my left butt cheek.  That she-devil was really on my “ass” to stay home and not do cardio.  Believe me there was this awful back-and-forth nonsense going on.

My goal to lose 20 pounds by the end of the year is just so deep seated that mind-over-she-devil won.   Even yesterday with all the stiffness and the loss of sleep I certainly had reasons to stay home.  But no, the she-bitch was conquered again.   I got in the gym to do my weight routine.  After the weight routine the pain was not as intense.  I think the stretching and step work helped a lot.

I’m not a saint.  No, I’m a little possessed.   I did let the she-devil win in the afternoon – I took a nap.

Hang in there and conquer your devils.  They’re really strong subconscious confrontations that you’ll constantly have with yourself.   Build up your desire to overcome them.

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