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Playlist changes, 33 minutes that you can do.

2013 web earphonesUPDATE~I actually used this on Friday.  Have to say Bodypump could have done a much better job at picking out better songs.  Bom Bom is an absolute flop for biceps.  And the others are lackluster motivators.  Even my man Pitbull’s song does not go well with the chest work out.  Sad face and angry because I purchased all these itunes.  Bruno, Troublemaker, Chris Mann are  handpicked by me.  they line up with the exercise.


Yesterday I was bored out of my mind on the treadmill even with my playlist and the five minute interval change of pushups or medicine ball lifts.  I’m working on a new cardio but it takes a lot of timing to do intervals for the stationary bike and the treadmill.  Regardless, I use other playlists that I have to keep me in it as I SHOW UP to do cardo.  Kid Rock is a great one to slip into the high interval slot.

But the good news is Body Pump came out with their new playlist.  We can’t always get some of their songs – go figure – so from my list I added my favorites for that routine.  The one good thing about ITunes is that you can put things in folders, example create a playlist called Back and put all the Back music in there.

The links are videos with the music.  I don’t agree with some of the videos because they’re exploitive.  BUT, I like the music.   Pitbull is one of my favorites.  Troublemaker will be GREAT for abs.  Bom bom, the jury is out on that one.  I replaced the Back with my favorite back Bruno Mars.  Plus anything by Chris Mann will help you stretch out.2013 Web show up

Right now I can’t do squats so I work on my lower body and quads with what I know, so I think Black Betty may be a good choice.  My warmup, consists of finding the equipment in the gym, mat, medicine ball, bar, stretchy band, etc.

So here’s my update with 33 minutes of music.  Yep, 33 minutes.  You can do that.

Muscle   group Song  Artist Time
Warm Up Let there be Love Christina Agulaira 3:20
Squats/Legs Black Betty Ram Jam 3:58
Chest Don’t Stop the Party Pitbull 3:26
Back Runaway Baby  Bruno Mars 2:28
Triceps My Song Knows What you did in   the Dark Fall Out Boy 3:07
Biceps Bom Bom Sam and the Womp 2:54
Legs/Lunges Sweet Nothing Calvin Harris & Florence 3:34
Shoulders Crush on you Nero 4:10
Abs Troublemaker Olly Murs Flo Rida 3:05
Stretch Unless You Mean It Chris Mann 3:22

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